just watching BBC Knowledge as I eat breakfast, as one does, and am watching a program where they have shown souped up ecoli cells being fed sugar and producing diesel. The disel oil was used to run a generator engine!

So oil is renewable!!!! Why are we fighting wars for it then?

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    • At first I was horrified that they were messing with ecoli because cynic that I am m py first thought was “some stupid human is going to let that free into the population” but they they explained why they were doing it and I was blown away! I mean sugar – from plain old sugar cane! Win win all around I say!


  1. It probably has to do with the cost of production. Scientist are always finding ways to do things that sound like they would be helpful, until you factor in the cost of mass production. That is why you often hear about some new discovery when it is discovered, but then not again for several years. Sometimes you never hear about them again because they just never develop a cheap enough way to utilize it.


    • Sometimes you also don’t hear about them because companies e.g the big oil companies or the big car companies buy the patent and the rights and shelve it until it suits them to bring it out…..cynical but true.


    • I went into OMG mod when I heard they used ecoli but as the story progressed I shut up and listened! If the researchers were my family memebers however I would expect them to wear a hazmet suit before entering the house….because as we know my kitchen benches are so clean one can eat off them!!!!


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