street walking

A lovely spring Sunday morning to walk . Today on my walk I discovered:

  • A fluffy brown persian cat on the footpath sneaking up on two galahs sneaking seeds off the road. The galahs took fright when they saw the cat, and the cat took fright when it saw me, and I laughed in the  warm sunlight with the light breeze.
  • The mushrooms were starting too shrivel and die not that the rain showers are decreasing. I guess that is the cycle of life.
  • I saw some ant trails across the earth footpath near the park. The soft earth had been disturbed as they built tunnels and homes I guess. It looked like a form of ancient writing and I stopped for a moment to see if I could decipher the meaning of life from their work words but nothing came to me. Their secret is safe for now.
  • The spring perfumes of the trees permeates my walk and it is fun trying to guess which particular tree or flower is the source of the joy.
  • I noticed that a practioner of traditional chinese medicine and acupunture has taken up residence in a nearby street. We have quite a few chinese nationals relocating to this area, the majority from Hong Kong. There are a number of such businesses in the area, all run from private homes.
  • I noted that I walked faster today over the same route.
  • I noted that I think I need the rountine of doing things in the same order each day to assist me to achieve them. Both days I have had breakfast and then gone for my walk. One sets in motion the other and so I don’t have to think about it so much and then I don’t have such an opporuntity to procrastinate and that as we know is my achilles heel.
  • I note that I think about what I do, why and how more already. Is this getting into the moment?
  • I am worried that all this is easy when I am on holidays. How to achieve it when school starts again in a week will be the challenge.

8 thoughts on “street walking

  1. How beautifully written, like poetry! It is hard for me to remember that you are entering spring as we enter autumn. I am excited about the leaves turning colors as you look forward to the flowers blooming.


    • I do envy you the leaves changing colour as where I live in the subtropics we have very few trees that change leaf colour in the autumn. I am enjoying the cool weather of spring as I know the heat will soon follow. We have a mock orange hedge (Murraya ) and it is just starting to bloom and it smell wonderful, particuarly in the in early evening. We also have white gardenias that are mdaly budding so I have that to look forward to also.


  2. I love this time of year for bushwalking FD. Everything is waking up after winter, but, like you I need to establish a routine of activity…..if I’m still sitting on my butt at 9am it’s likely I’ll remain that way for the rest of the day.

    Hope you can maintain your program after you resume work.


    • I really do like routine. Perhaps it is my German genes! My Dad was very much a routine kind of person, my Mum less so. I don’t really understand why I don’t make the effort to do the right things, what is good for me – besides self-indulgence! I hope I have turned a corner and will mend some of my evil ways!


  3. I love the way you wrote this. It is a great idea. I wish it would stay spring all year round as it isn’t too hot or too cold then. Where I am in middle Alabama we have strong season changes all year. I complain when it’s too hot and then complain when it is too cold, but the honest truth is, I wouldn’t change any of it. The changes all during the year keep things exciting.


    • I would change our humid hot summers…all week I have been walking around bemoaning the fact that the weather can’t be like this throughout summer. I happily accept winter and autumn but summer saps me low!


  4. This sounds so wonderful. You noticed so many things on your walk. How nice that you were able to experience all that and then share it with us. I felt like I was with you. I could see it. Thanks for sharing.


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