knocking on grandma’s kitchen door

It is September and my mind turns to making the family christmas fruit cake. We prefer a christmas cake baked with dried fruits and lashings of brandy or sherry. I had a recipe that everyone voted their favourite about 10 years ago, but when we moved in 2002 (it was a year of multiple moves and at one stage the family was living in three different geographic places at one time and half our belongings were in storage) and I have never been able to find that particular recipe since. My fruit cakes are still voted eater friendly, mainly because I drip feed them brandy in the three months leading up to the big Christmas Day I think!

Daughter2 has lamented the loss of the original recipe a little too frequently lately, so I am sending out a global request for asisistance.

Go to your cookbooks ladies and gentlemen, knock on the door of great aunts, or grandmother’s and rifle through their kitchen drawers. Please find me a tried and true, knock your little Christmas stockings off, dried fruit cake. Prefer without too many nuts, but can handle that.

The prize – well the Flamingo Dancer family will sing your praises, perhaps for generations to come. I promise to lock the recipe into a digitial file and backed up on an off site archive so as never to again be without our prized recipe. I only ask that it is a recipe that has been trialled and voted good enough to eat again!

Notebooks and pencils to the ready, dear readers! Christmas fruit cake recipes must be found and shared!

18 thoughts on “knocking on grandma’s kitchen door

  1. I love the tradition of the Christmas cake. Whenever Mum makes it, everyone in the house is required to take a turn at stirring the mixture. Failing to do so puts the general yumminess of the cake at risk. I think our recipe is my Dad’s mother’s. I can try and get it and send it through if you like.


    • A good fruit cake needs to be aged. Not every one drips feeds their cakes, but I live to – it makes it richer – and more alcoholic. By the time I wheel the cake out I am in need of fortification in any form!


  2. Dang, I don’t know where it went, but will take a look about.
    A friend had a recipe that I liked because it seriously edited the fruit side of things to, I think, dried apricots and cherries, and left out the various citrons.
    That’s just my own preference, but you can bear in mind that those things can be shifted about, as long as the total amounts are right.


  3. Will speak to my mum – she has a recipe that is brilliant (still in lbs and ozs)…also her pudding one which I want from her again.
    This is the time to start making those so they can hang out in the shed and “cure”…must buy calico!


    • I guess it is more a English tradition. Not Christmas for us without a fruit cake these days. I think the children see it as sign that it really is Christmas, that they really are home, and it unites us with Christmas past. Tradition is pretty strong for us at Christmas.


  4. I have a *fabulous* recipe for a very non-traditional fruitcake. It’s from the Joy Of Cooking – Christmas Cookies. I’ll put it up on my blog tomorrow for you!


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