13 thoughts on “now don’t get one eyed about this…

  1. Thanks for the link, FD. I have developed Pterygium so may be needing one of those one day. Not really, but I do like to over dramatise things just a little…


    • When I was in the hospital for my eye operation a woman who had previously had the operation came in to share her expereince with me. She said that she was originally handed a box full of eyes and they sorted through to find one suitable for her!
      Things had changed – mine have all been custom made so not box selection. They do actually look like that though – like a shell.


    • Mine is ceramic. It has to be able to withstand the proteins that the body produces in response to a foriegn “body”. They are quite a work of art, as they even paint in little red veins so they look faintly blood shot!


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