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  1. According to Wikipedia:

    Mojo may refer to:

    * Mojo (African American culture), a magical charm bag used in voodoo
    * a slang word for self-confidence or self-esteem.

    In media and entertainment:

    * Mojo (comics), a supervillain in various Marvel Comics publications
    * Mojo!, a video game
    * Mojo (play), a play by Jez Butterworth
    * Mojo (magazine), a British music magazine
    * Mojo (mobile journalist), a journalist in the field who sends stories electronically
    * Mojo: Conjure Stories, an anthology edited by Nalo Hopkinson
    * MOJO HD, an American television network
    * Mother Jones (magazine) or MoJo, a progressive magazine
    * Mojo Rules System (RPG), a generic multi-genre RPG rules system presented in Polymancer
    * Mojo, the sexual charm of Austin Powers
    * Mojo, a fictional helper monkey in The Simpsons
    * Mojo, a character in Chrono Cross
    * Mojo, a Protoss Hero in StarCraft
    * Mojo, a fictional dog in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    * Mojo, The name of Lestat’s German Shepherd in Anne Rice’s “Tale of the Body Thief”
    * Mojo, a fictional explosive device in the movie Red Mercury (film)
    * Mojo, moving joints an automated, timer based exercise software program that helps combat Repetitive strain injury.

    In music:

    * Mojo, an album by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    * [Mojo, ‘Android Clone’ mention, self replacing its self after being repeatedly shot and killed rising, rising in the song L.A Woman, by The Doors. True lyrics, experience and written by Paul L. Gibson.
    * Mojo Nixon, American musician
    * “Got My Mojo Workin'”, a song made popular by Muddy Waters that became a blues standard
    * MoJo, a Japanese vocalist
    * The Mojos, a 1960s merseybeat group
    * “Mojo” (Peeping Tom song)
    * Mojo Radio (WPLJ), a New York City-based radio station
    * Mojo Radio (CFMJ), a Toronto, Ontario radio station CFMJ
    * Mojo Concerts, a Dutch subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications
    * Mojo Records, a record label
    * “Mojo”, a song by Night Ranger from Feeding off the Mojo
    * George “Mojo” Buford, American blues harmonica player

    In nicknames:

    * Melissa Jo Hunter or Mojo, celebrity reality t.v. star of the hit show Joe Millionaire
    * Mo Johnston or MoJo, footballer

    * Mortimer Jordan High School, or MoJo, in Morris, Alabama
    * Maurice Jones-Drew or MoJo, NFL running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars
    * Matt Morginsky or Mojo, former lead singer of The O.C. Supertones
    * Permian High School or Mojo, a high school in Odessa, Texas

    In other uses:

    * Mojo (IT), a Process Management Tool developed by RevenueRED in South Africa
    * Mojo (sauce), a name of various sauces used in the Canary Islands and the Caribbean
    * Mojo, Ethiopia, a railway town near Addis Ababa
    * Mojo Press, a publisher of books and graphic novels
    * Miscarriages of Justice Organisation or MOJO, a charity dedicated to fighting miscarriages of justice
    * Mojo SDK, a software development kit for the Palm webOS
    * Mojo (plugin), a Plug-in in the Apache Maven software project management and comprehension tool
    * Mojo chews a classic UK children’s sweet in various flavours.
    * Mojo, the Cuban marinade, made with orange, cumin, garlic, and other flavors.
    * Mojos, an American and Canadian regional name for potato wedges AKA jojos.
    * Mojo Yogurt, an Arizona-based frozen yogurt restaurant with locations in Irvine, California and Las Vegas, Nevada coming soon.

    People with the given name

    * Mojo Collins, former lead singer of the bands Sawbuck and Initial Shock
    * Moj O’Brien, aka MOJO – lead guitarist for the band Curbside Life
    * Mojo Mendiola, philologist and artist

    See also

    * Box Office Mojo, a website detailing motion picture box-office totals
    * MojoWorld, a computer software package used in 3D computer graphics
    * Mojo Club, a club in Hamburg
    * Mojo Jojo, a supervillain in The Powerpuff Girls
    * Modjo, a French dance music duo
    * Moxos people, an Amerind people sometimes called Mojos or Mohos
    * Mojo in the morning, a radio show on channel FM 95.5 in Detroit, Michigan
    * Libido, sometimes referred to in slang as ‘mojo’.

    Well, you asked! lol


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