there was a hail storm this afternoon and all the girls at Fanny and Maude’s School for Fine Young Ladies started to scream when it thundered and run to the windows when the hail began to fall from the sky  I could think of was that my car was out in the hail and I didn’t want the pain of having to get it fixed, but I had to focus and calm the screaming running girls down and then I said we are going to the library and then they all shot out the door and ran to the library which should have been an easy thing to do, but the water was flowing over the guttering and so there was a big wall of water and the silly screaming girls ran through it and then I had to rn through it because I had to chase after them to the library and calm them down and so we all got soaked and then they were rushing about the library and some were begging to phone their mothers because they wouldn’t be able to go swimming, tennis playing, dancing, home in the rain and I said silly girls it will stop raining in ten minutes which it did, but we were all wet and they refused to settle until I got angry at them and threated them with a hit from a big stick and they know I can’t do that and so they laughed but they started to calm down but then the lesson was over and then they all rain out of the library and I hope their mothers got wet driving to school to pick up their children because that is what they deserve for raising children who scream when it storms

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  1. Good lord. A little thunder and hail, and they’re screaming?!? Tell them they won’t melt when wet. Or just use that stick. 🙂 They were going to go swimming anyway, right?


  2. Oh, goodness gracious. Once one started, then they all got caught up in the screaming, I suppose. I am sorry you had to get wet and run around chasing them. Maybe their lesson tomorrow should be, “How to behave during a thunder storm.”


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