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  1. I don’t remember the last book I sat down and read, tnnriug pages, becoming immersed in the plot. I feel a bit guilty taking time out to read for pleasure. I never used to feel this way. I do listen to books on CD. I do read technical books. I do look at picture books for inspiration. I adore childrens books and will buy them even though my girls are both over the age of 25 and I have no grandchildren. What I relish is the skill of the author to carry me away to another place and time. One day I will be riding along with a daring detective and the next I might be learning spells at Hogwart’s. I do relish books. I revere them. But. . . . A book for a book’s sake??? Just because someone has printed words on paper and bound them together doesn’t make the thing inherently worthwhile. It’s the idea that matters. Not how it is ultimately delivered.


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