7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween to those who halloween…

  1. I love that picture! I saw someone wrote that Aussies are going to do Halloween this year and had never done it before. I never realized that Halloween was strictly a US thing.


    • The retailers have caught onto it as a money maker and have started pushing it the last couple of years. I had a few 15 years in class the other day talking about making costumes and I asked them if they knew what they were celebrating – absolute blank faces. I am very anti-halloween here in Australia as it is not our tradition, it is really only the USA who seem to celebrate in this form.
      I guess money really does make the world go around!


  2. I like Halloween when there are lots of cute little kids who are all excited about their candy. They’ve got adorable little outfits, some of which their parents made for them by hand. We got a whole bunch of that type tonight and it was worth carving that pumpkin!


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