breathing in

I am sitting on the  patio with a large pot of tea and watching the mushrooms grow in the lawn, while listening to the butcherbirds sing. Doesn’t get much better than this.

And obviously, there is a laptop on my lap!

10 thoughts on “breathing in

  1. Hmm, I understand the hippies made good use of those mushrooms, FD. Not that I’m suggesting that’s the reason you’re so avidly watching them grow, of course…


    • True Story: Yamaha Motors (the corp) in SoCal had a problem with hippies in their large front greenway. Took the company awhile yo learn that the mushrooms growing in the grass were the magic variety.


  2. I always stop what I’m doing (usually, dressing for work) when I hear the little finches chirping away in a tree outside my bedroom window. They make me happy (and they’re pretty).


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