photographically so…

The week that was

homemade pizza with pumpkin and bocconcini, and salad for dinner

Christmas breakfast table awaiting the hungry hordes

apricots and fresh dates

a plate full of cherry goodness

my first attempt at a steamed pudding was gobsmacking good!

our singing friend, the Butcherbird (taken through a glass door so as not to frighten him away)

Rainbow over our horizon

a hibiscus cutting to be potted

using up the Christmas leftovers - fried rice la flamingo dancer!

lunch at the French Twist, Brisbane

Caxton Street, Brisbane, taken from French Twist at The Barracks

A pub that is still a pub! Many have been converted to offices.

please don't serve me sugar cubes like this - I am sure they are passed from customer to customer...ugh!

flowers that I can't remember the name of right now - I am sure some gardener will remind me

10 thoughts on “photographically so…

  1. So wonderful!
    I don’t know the flowers in the last picture…but everything looks so nice! And delicious.
    I am thinking of good things to make on New Year’s Day. Or the Sunday…since I have to work New Year’s.


    • I have 10 days of holiday left, as I have arranged to start my new position ahead of the rest of the teaching staff so that I can wrap my head around the library and the units I am to to teach before the hordes return to the school. The time has gone so quickly.


  2. Great photos!
    Does Brisbane have something against pubs?
    I love sugar cubes – there’s something so old-fashioned about them. But I agree, I wouldn’t want them served in a restaurant like that! Just thinking of little children grubbing their filthy hands around in there before Mommy tells them to stop…


    • They used to alternate I think – one corner a pub, another corner a small general mum and pop shop! People can’t drink and drive so they take the alcohol home more these days. Taverns that are bigger and more family orientated have moved to the suburbs.


  3. Oh, what a luscious feast you laid out. I envy the fact that you can do it outdoors. Cherries, apricots and dates – summer foods that will have to wait a half a year on our side of the world. It sounds like you had a lovely time.

    And happy new year!


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