night tales

Not a soul was stirring, not even a mouse (I hope)! All of a sudden there arose through the night, a voice clear and strong. Mr FD was sleep talking again.

Cognitive. Cognitive! To understand, to reason out!


Not much chance of understanding is there?

5 thoughts on “night tales

  1. My daughter has been here through the Christmas holidays so Felicia has been sleeping with me. She talks and tosses and turns and kicks and everything else in her sleep, so I’m experiencing the phenomenon too. How strange it is! She will start talking or laughing in the middle of the night and wake me out of a sound sleep.


    • Mr FD also does little jerks and muscle twitches. It seems to get worse as he ages (I married an older man – he is 60!LOL) I tell him it is his evilosity coming out! I apparently laugh in my sleep sometimes. I hope Son never puts us on YouTube!


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