10 thoughts on “duck, duck, stupid

  1. Hello..One time there was a mother mallard..and her 11 chicks. They were in the road in front of our home. I watched them..one of the chicks could not get up on the curb. Little fella ran back and forth..exhausted and resigned as he was..I gently moved him over the curb to his waiting mother and duckling siblings. The mother went to a bush by the front steps..I will always remember..they were gone the next day..other species of all kinds..though they have a sense of survival..have no sense of mortality..as we ‘creative’ humans do..ducks rule..:-)..yes they do..’be kind to your fine feathered friends..for a duck may be somebodie’s mother’..song from WWI..you may know it..:-)..Peace Tony


  2. It must have been fun to watch, though. The same thing happened to me once and I didn’t have a camera. Damn! The ducklings were really cute.


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