felling the forests

my private world - the courtyard leading from my office

I have a lovely private courtyard that leads off from my office. I can just open the glass sliding door and sit in seclusion to think awhile or eat my lunch.

As shown by this quick shot I took through the closed door, it needs some TLC. No one has cared for it in recent times. I asked the groundsmen to come and hack away some of the growth. We thought the biggest plant was just leaning because it had grown too tall for the space, but closer inspection showed it had a huge tap root growing from the bottom of the pot and out into the drain of the other side of the screen. It also had roots growing into the neighbouring pot.

The decision was that the plants were inappropriate for the spot and so I asked for them to be taken away. I requested that the pots be returned though, and could I have some fresh soil in them please?

It appears that dirt was nowhere to be seen, and I was instructed to put in a purchase order for some dirt. Yes, the pun was obvious – dirt cheap dirt!

I was told that some will arrive one day soon.

12 thoughts on “felling the forests

  1. It’s a miracle that a tree of that size survived in the pot without cracking it and the brick floor below it. Maybe the roots went all the way under the building and the whole damn kaboodle is about to come crashing down.
    Anything else you’d like me to look on the bright side of today? ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Well, if you’re going to replace the trees, why not go for something with fruit? That way you can have an orange along with your break, or squeeze some lemon into your tea!


    • An assistant suggested a passionfruit vine, and then I suggested some lettuce and cherry tomatoes so we could make lunch salads. No trees this time, large indoorish plants as it only gives a little sun each day.


    • I know. The poor plants tried their best, but they were inappropriate for the spot. If planted out they will probably not grow well, and if they did could grow to 3om tall! Afraid they are destined for the compost heap.


  3. And that happened in a school? I hope they are paying better attention to the children there than they are the plants! Thank goodness the Flamingo Dancer has arrived to whip the place back into shape!


    • The school is a real mix. In some ways it is very progressive and yet in other ways it is very unprofessional. Just this week I had to question the role of teacher aides being left to supervise students, which is not allowed in the state system. A teacher always has to be in the room with a teacher aide, and yet in the library they are using aides to supervise after school care. I have been staying until we close, but that means I am currently working 7.30 – 4.30 and only being paid for a 35 hour week. We have to wort it out in the next few days….just one of the things on the list.


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