this is getting a bit old…

The house has been overrun by ants the last few days, a sure sign of more rain in my old wives tale book, and last night the news reports were filled with news of two cyclones (akin to northern hurricanes) heading towards northern Queensland. Not the best kind of news as any time, but when we are still drying out, and in many places, still bucketing, it is enough to strike terror in the bravest hearts. They will cross the coast in the northern part of the state (GOF Land) but the rain may travel south to our corner again.

Mr FD and I just went into list making. Ok, we need some fresh batteries for the large torches, and a spare bulb; a new filament for the gas lamp. Now that we now power goes off early for us, we will make sure we have more long life food if it comes to that. Petrol in all the cars, last time we only filled one car, the 4wd, and then when I needed to get to work there was a shortage which could have caused me issues as I need to drive 40 minutes to the school. Battle hardened.

It is odd though, just a week ago all of Australia came together in a love fest to help each other out, but now, now that the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard wants to introduce a levy, for exactly one year, that would cost most average earners between $50-100AUS across the year, many Australians are crying foul. Not our problem.

Mr and Mrs Public seem to have the idea that the money will be given just to flood victims when it will be used to rebuild roads and bridges. It will enable fresh food to get to markets, tourists to travel the country and railroads to carry the minerals to port. Things that keep our economy growing.

So I am a little taken aback, at how quickly the milk of human kindness runs dry. We really learn little, even from the hard knocks. What is the line – there are none as blind as those who will not see?

[Do you think if we sacrificed Tony Abbott, the weather gods will turn a kinder hand to us?]

18 thoughts on “this is getting a bit old…

  1. Memories are very brief. As long as it isn’t them who need the assistance, why should they pay. We have a similar situation here. Due to mismanagement of the revious administration a nearby city is cutting the police force, no money to pay them. Asked to levy a millage to pay for them, and the city council ( who are upset about the cuts in the force)said, on no, no more taxes! Where is the money supposed to come from?

    I hope the forecasts are wrong and the storm bypasses you completely.


    • GOF is the one in the direct influence of the cyclones, but we are worried about heavy rain moving south along the coastline as everything is still so wet. Nowhere for the water to go.

      The opposition says to “make budget cuts” which they are doing as well, but of course that then comes off health and education and so that will hurt everyone more in the end – and of course they will whinge even louder then! Greedy bastards my Dad would have called them, and I have to agree.


  2. I think there has been deliberate misrepresentation by Abbott and his Murdoch sycophants to make political capital out of tragedy. I think such behaviour is a disgrace, but just confirms my already low opinion of them. I’ve already written three letters to the local rag, and there’s many more to come. I won’t forget this….ever.


  3. I read about the new tax and thought it was an amazingly smart thing to do.
    There will always be idiots about trying to jam up the works for their own partisan reasons.
    Nothing to do about that.


    • I become exhausted by the fact that the “opposition” party always, always, seems to think they have to say NO! to whatever the govt wants to do. Every idea can’t be a bad idea for goodness sake! Two party political systems end up morally bankrupt!


  4. Whats Mr FD like as a carpenter?

    Perhaps Snowy and I could come and help him build an ark. We might all need it the way this wet season is shaping up. Hope you and everyone else south of the predicted cyclone track (to Bowen) is not inconvenienced again. We’ll worry about the 2nd one when it gets a bit closer next week.

    I agree with your sentiments about a “disaster tax”.


    • As a carpenter Mr FD makes a good tea maker! He did build a fence in our early days, but not a lot since then, though he does have woodworking fantasies for his old age! We might be hard pressed to find the materials though as we went in search of hardware today and two local Bunnings stores are still closed due to flood damage. Whoever sited them next to major flood creeks should face the sack. They would be racking it in now, but instead, sit damaged.

      I heard tonight that the first cyclone is now predicted to be a level 2 and so not quite as bad. Hard to make out what is fact and what is drama being created by the media. I know you are all old hands up north, but we are all still so drenched…however the dams are now at about 190% capacity so we have a little flood mitagation left! Mr FD needs to be able to get out and sell pasture seed or I will have to pass the begging bowl for us soon!


  5. The levy is another example of the short term memory of some politicians. In 1996 it was good enough for the Coalition government led by former PM John Howard for a gun buy-back scheme following the Port Arthur massacre. With due apologies to US readers, this was the best thing Howard ever did and marked the moment when Australia ceased following the US in gun-related deaths (I am a former gun-owner, who grew up with them). Now for some reason a levy isn’t good enough to recover from the floods. Strangely, a conservative notion; i.e. take money from people rather than increase government debt, also seems to be out the window. Mind you, I do think it will reduce donations once people realise they will contribute anyway. Some of the Lockey Valley roads (Murphy’s Creek via Postman’s Ridge to the highway) are now open and the signs of devastation are incredible. Creeks have been gouged out and water-courses changed. Household goods in paddocks, also heaped into piles on the roadside. Bridges with twisted railing choked with debris.
    At home we are discovering more damage from prolonged wet weather. Rotting carpet next to floor-to-ceiling glass. This method of building doesn’t work where the glass receives direct rain. That’s 3 areas we’ve had problems in thus far.


    • We think we have a leak in our roof, and will need to get it investigated before the next deluge. My Mum got better downpipe drainage this week, so that her yard doesn’t become an inland sea as it usually does.

      And Abbott was going to tax to give longer maternity leave not so long ago – like last election. Oh and let’s not forget the GST which was to end all other taxes, and yet strangely hasn’t… I am going to have to find my voodoo doll and pins out again. I packed them away after Howard and Bush. Sigh.


  6. Well, I don’t have any advice for the political part of this, but as for the ants, well, if you will take a small bag of cornmeal and sprinkle it all around where they are, you will completely obliterate them. I had always heard about that but had never tried it. When I moved into this place a couple of years ago, I had never seen so many ants. They were everywhere. If I left anything in the car, the inside of the car would be covered in the morning. If I left anything wet in the kitchen around the sink, the entire sink would be covered in the morning. I tried every kind of ant spray there is, and nothing helped. One day when I was at the grocery store, I bought a five pound bag of cornmeal and thought, I’m going to try this, it can’t hurt. A couple of weeks later, I had no ant problem any more. It works great. It takes a few days because they have to carry it home with them, but they do. It is very inexpensive and also not harmful to kids and pets. Great ant remedy.


    • What a great idea! I have never heard of that one before. We get a pest man in once a year and normally they control it, but as we are all saying so often at the moment, these are exceptional times! Little black ants have quite a bite too!


  7. i see that kind of behaviour here too. everyone wants the government to make all the necessary repairs, yesterday, but they forget that someone… namely the citizens… has to PAY for it. there seems to be a genuine disconnect where people think the government’s money comes out of nowhere.

    i hope the storms avoid you. i had ants during our 2 week rainy spell – i figured they were just desperate for dry land and food.


    • My other pet peeve is that we complain about the politicians, and the government, and yet, we the people are the ones who choose them and vote them in! Perhaps more people should value their vote a little more. My mantra is that if people don’t vote, and vote responsibly then they don’t have a right to complain!


  8. “there are none as blind as those who will not see.” I think you hit the nail on the head. People are funny when you impose something on them rather than depend on more fickle acts of occasional charity.


  9. OH man, FD. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that any additional rain passes you by. A girlfriend of mine was recently in New Zealand and a cyclone hit this past Friday. She weathered it okay but I can’t imagine anymore water hitting your area. It sounds like you’ll be prepared though.


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