dearly beloved

I could not be parted from my beloved laptop another day, and even though the new keyboard is to arrive soon, I have taken my dearly beloved from its repair spot to stroke its keys one last time.

The problem is that the exclamation key won’t work and how can a person be expected to blog without an EXCLAMATION mark? I have no way to exclaim, alas and alack.

I feel naked… and mute.

12 thoughts on “dearly beloved

  1. it is coming… I surely hope there is no delay, or FD will have to be naked in Pink feather glory.

    I am still admiring this theme and trying to decide if I want to pirate it from you….


  2. ah, damn… I thought the “insert custom character” option (the omega symbol in the new post toolbar) would have an ! – but it only has the spanish, start of sentence one: ¡


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