Friday with the Librarian

At desk by 7.40 after a 40 minute drive from home.

Turn on laptop, empty yesterday’s dregs from coffee cup into plant outside office door. Fill with more coffee. Go back to desk.

Go to admin building to sign all photocopy requests and check no naughty teacher breaking copyright – not today, hurrah.

Join with senior school for weekly assembly. Watch stirring video about sports champions that is suppose to motivate students. The soundtrack sounds like a song Russians hummed on the way to Gulag and I feel like I to0 could ride like Lance Armstrong and kick a football like Pele. Then I remember I am Flamingo Dancer and I don’t do exercise, and I am already a hugely successful Goddess and so do not require further motivation, so leave assemble early (still too damn hot) and go back to library.

Air conditioning in the computer room is still not working and so contact head of college who tells me he is still waiting on the quote. Decide this is his “cheque is in the mail” story and so use FD wiles on head groundsmean to obtain fans for computer room. Damn I must be good, because within minutes he arrives with two industrial fans for the room. Just about blew some of the little grade 7 girls off their chairs but did little to lessen the heat.

Library team is rostered on to provide staff morning tea, so we shut the library for morning tea break and set up for the hordes. I took wurst which I notice was the first things to disappear. I know my meats.

Year 2 class fails to show with their teacher so go back to admin and pass Head of Senior School aand 4 of the senior boys cooking hundreds of sausages. Sausage sizzle to raise money for the flood victims is being held at lunch time. Stop and tell the men that the secret to a fine sausage is all in the wrist action, but from the laughs of the teenage boys I soon realise that they took it quite a different way than I meant it, but so is the mind of the male teenager.

Take Year 7 class for library skills and show them a video about boolean operators that makes them giggle like little children and then realise they are little children. Student asks to go to bathroom and comes back and tells me there is a snake outside the boys toilets. Call groundsman and ask him to seek and destroy. Need no feminine wiles this time.

Get hug and a happy dance from male teacher when I tell him I have authorised a new mobile phone for him to take on school camp, as old one appears to not function. Some men are a push over.

Usual playground duty in the computer room. The year twelve learning disability student not only gives me a hug today, but also grabs my usb to sniff and then gives me a high 5. She is always so happy, unlike the two year two students who come to the circulation desk, one about to cry and the other to rip my throat out asking when they will be allowed to return to the library. I have good news as just been told that I can up the number of students from each class allowed in the library to 8 from each class, which is about all that would want to come most days. They go away happy to find their teacher and get their pass. One for the librarian.

Tutor 4  year twelve music students who need help researching and writing their research assignments and who have a  music teacher who has privately confessed to me that he is crap at such things, so I have one lesson a week with them to support their research. Set them tasks to complete by Monday and set them on their way. Three boys appear motivated but fear the sole girl is not.

ASD student arrives early for library skills lesson in final period and when questioned he tells me he has had two stress outs that day and had actually been in student welfare until he walked out to come to me. I set him to work but can see he is agitated and upset by some imagined virus on his usb and having been locked out of his classroom for some reason.

Students arrive and they tell me the Head is looking for ASD student and so sent child to tell him he is found and safe with me. He is no problem compared to the three little devils in the back row, who I take aside and lecture about decisions and consequences while they smile at me like the idiots they are. Learning support teacher arrives to work with ASD student which has never happened before and between her presence, two fans blowing students off chairs and sounding like jet engines, the heat, and the fact that it is last period on Friday, I battle on, wondering why the hell I didn’t marry rich…sigh.

Go back to office and write email to music teacher to update him on class. Check classes for Monday and prepare lessons for them. Find coffee cup filled with the coffee I made in the morning, and am too tired to care, and the plant seems to much of an effort to walk to, so drink cold coffee so that I can take dirty cup home to put through dishwasher.

Library Assistant tells me one of the readers for year 2 has to be pulled because a parent was upset that a story family went for a meal in a cafe and didn’t say grace before eating. Once again am left to wonder what planet these people come from, but hold back my words. I remind myself again to keep the inside words in. Remind self to update resume and send to Fanny and Maude’s just in case their librarian dies before she retires at the end of the year.

4pm closing time, so throw children out of library and explain once again that we shut earlier on Fridays and think to self that if  parents think I am going to babysit their darlings for free on a Friday afternoon they must be more stupid than I thought.

Drive 40 minutes home. Mr FD asks about my day, and am too tired to put into words and so reply “Same as usual.” And it was.

17 thoughts on “Friday with the Librarian

  1. Have a good weekend. You deserve it. I think I saw somewhere that it is going to be 36C in Brisbane over the weekend. Nowhere near that in cool, cool Toowoomba, of course…


  2. Love the image of poor children pinned hanging up against the wall from blast of aircraft sized fans, that’ll teach em to behave lol

    …and what did you do today at school lovely young daughter?

    Miss “blew us up” and forgot about us!


    • Ah, the kids are probably giving you great points for being hip.

      I have the heat as cranked up as I can, and am sitting here freezing.
      California Victorians aren’t particularly efficient, new heater or not.
      I may go huddle in front of the fireplace, if I can get the kittens to let me onto the chair.

      It’s FRIDAY.
      Just saying.


      • I prefer cold weather, but then we don’t get snow. I am amazed at how fast the weeks go now that I am in this new job. Next week we are half way through our first school term already! I am already counting down to the next lot of holidays – will sleep the week away!


    • True, the male mind never appears to really change. At 13 or 14 though they appear to find smirky humour in just about everything. “Can you handle that?” “OOOOOhhhh Miss said handle, giggle, giggle.”


  3. I’m amazed you have the ability to keep track. When I was teaching (age 11-18) secondary school, I could’ve only told you who did what requiring police intervention or possibly a call like that one about not saying grace.

    If I wasn’t ham-strung and disgusted with admin, I felt hopeless for these kids because of their parents — hence, my end of that career choice.

    It sounds like you’ve got a great deal of grace.


    • The temperature on Monday is to be 35C! I won’t be teaching in the computer room! I have prepared activities that we can do in cooler areas!
      Thank heavens my office is still air conditioned – I hope!


  4. OK, I’m exhausted just reading it FD.
    You can have Saturday and Sunday off…..except for stuff you need to prepare for Monday.
    And……if you get me a new mobile phone I’ll do a happy dance and give you a hug too. 🙂


    • I would love to see you do a happy dance – as long as it didn’t put you in bed for 6 days! Saturday was a big day on body maintenance – hairdresser and organising new glasses! Now Sunday is another day – nothing planned at all!


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