Play Book

I know that as you all crawl through your dreary existences that you wish that you could live the Flamingo Dancer life. Well, weep no more, for I have heard your cries and have put together a little how-to workbook for you to follow.

How to do Saturday, the Flamingo Dancer way:

Embrace the day by rising at sunrise, bright and beautiful as always

Complete a 10 kl run and do thirty minutes of meditation


A healthy breakfast


Then off to the beauty salon to brighten the tresses

Today we are selecting new frames for our glasses.

a little touch of FD humour for those who know FD has only one eye, which I suppose you all know now!

Maybe a new pair of sunglasses as well.

Then it is time for a little shopping

select a superb original gift for the newest family addition

Home and Mr FD shows how much he missed us


Time for domestic issues but not before a good cup of tea

a little dusting and fluffing

a gourmet dinner simmering in the oven

Time for a little drink

Dinner is served

an evening of deep and stimualting conversation with Mr FD

time for bed


Definition – Delusion of grandeur : The false belief that one is important or powerful

20 thoughts on “Play Book

  1. I can’t help but notice the many facets of a Flamingo Dancer. Almost as though she might have a multiple personality disorder!!!! Charming.


  2. When our days change to 36 hours instead of 24 I am going to life those days. Until then ….
    I had to chuckle when I saw the picture with the kitchen in the background of ‘dinner is served’. I know it was state of the art for it’s time, today I gladly hire a carpenter to rip it down.
    And even though I know about the eye – it is amazing to me how naive I must be for not getting the joke until you referred to it again.
    Same thing when the wife of a friend was looking out the window joking “there’s a brother up to something stupid again” while we were passing with a car at a restaurant, where a black guy was sitting outside in glamour Rap style with the huge bling around his neck, at his arms and in his ears. The one making the joke: a black woman. My reaction somewhat along the line “huh? what? why?”


  3. Hmm. Not sure I believe the D in FD actually means Deluded. I can’t quite take that on board. Also as a ‘ not long enough reader’ of yours I totally missed the glasses joke. Still, some amazing photos, great to enjoy. And of course I am sure Mr FD will attest to you waking at sunrise looking stunning. He wouldn’t dare say otherwise, right?


    • Well, let us just put it this way – I always look better than Mr FD in the morning, or any time of the day for that matter. Officially I have been rising before sunrise most days. I rise at 5.i5 on a work day and at the moment that is before official sunrise. However, weekends are a wee bit different, sleep is more important than life itself. But as you say, Mr FD will say anything I tell him to say.


  4. I will from now on aspire to always be as unfailingly glamorous and domestically adept as you FD. I will no longer crawl out of bed looking like I’ve been run over or spend weeknight evenings slumped in front of the telly trying to summon up the energy to shout at Mr V. You are my inspiration!!


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