10 thoughts on “modern times

  1. FD!! I need Dewey help and you don’t seem to have a – contact me in case of a dewey emergency number. I have one of those annoying teachers who thinks she’s being tricky by giving us homework on things that we haven’t even heard about then acting as if she has something over us. How does this scenario work. Say I have 510.2454/1, 2021/2, 510.246213/CAVE and 510.2462/ALD – how does that work. Is there a rule when it comes to some having the author initials and some having numbers?


  2. I’m embarrassed to say that I was in a meeting recently where the lady next to me and myself resorted to writing notes to each other on our notepads. I felt like a naughty school kid as we were basically “laughing” at whoever was speaking/asking questions. It would’ve been awful if the moderator had asked us “what do you ladies have there that is so interesting? Perhaps you’d like to share it with the class”…….


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