moral dilemma

Today I received a letter telling me it is time to renew my driver’s license. Where did those 5 years go?

My dilemma arises from the fact that I can renew my license on-line. No visit to the transport office to stand in line to renew my license. That is not my dilemma, my dilemma is, that I can use the same photo! The same photo that was taken 5 years ago.

5 years ago, I was, well, 5 years younger. My hair was a dark reddish brown. It is now blonde grey.

This is the same license that a clerk, all that not long ago, after viewing my license, declared that I looked better in the photo than I did in real life!  How many times do you get told that?

So, it would be stupid not to just reuse that photo, right? Except for the fact that the photo is suppose to be  a form of ID, and in that instant one would expect it to look something like what you do at the present moment.

Well, I guess it does. Still have only one eye (carrots don’t make your eyesight better)!

I guess a woman’s got to do, what a woman’s got to do… go with the old photo, right?

No brainer.

29 thoughts on “moral dilemma

  1. You hang on to that good photo like grim death, until they wrench it out of your fist! I once had a good driver’s license photo. I’d come from work, had my hair down, and was wearing a black silk shell, and it just came out very flattering. My current one? I look like a ‘tard.


  2. I only changed mine, because I lost close to 50 pounds since taking my last photo. Nothing to do with the system, I just didn’t want to look at my old bucket sized head…..


  3. I rummaged around in a chest of drawers in a BARN yesterday and found old work IDs. Thought about scanning to prove I was once young and pretty…

    Go with it!


  4. If you like the photo – definitely! Obviously you have to show to strangers when needed and even though one looks like a mess that day – you want to look good in your picture.
    Boy am I glad for my German licence that lasts for a lifetime.


  5. When moving to Arizona in 2001 I had to of course get a new drivers license for this state. I noticed that it doesn’t expire until 2033. Goodness knows what I’ll look like then! I say go with the old photo though if its going to save you some time.


  6. Well, really … “hair color” on most female driver’s licenses is just a half-assed guess anyway.

    What gets me is – for my DL photo they want me to take off my glasses. I don’t look like me without my glasses! Their excuse is that glasses mess up facial recognition software.

    So I guess that means all terrorists and criminals have to do in order to avoid detection is wear fake glasses?


  7. When I needed a license change in February, I, too, faced the same dilemma. I stopped putting a rinse on my hair three years ago, it’s shorter and no there’s no brown/gray about it. It’s gray!! I look different. But anyone needing ID will surely recognize me. Right??


  8. Well, I had my license renewed in October with a new photograph, and in the meantime I’ve gotten my hair colored and cut, so I don’t look like I did five months ago.

    Go with the younger picture! If nothing else, save yourself the time and hassle of having to visit the license bureau to get a new one done.


  9. The old photo is the right choice. 😛 When I changed my license, I had to give up my old beautiful photo. My new photo is UGLY!! XD They wouldn’t even let me keep the old card. I wanted it for sentimental reasons. It was my first license.


      • When I had mine renewed, they punched a hole in it and gave it back to me along with a paper temporary license to use until they mailed the new one to me.

        I don’t know if that’s standard procedure now, or if they were having equipment problems and couldn’t give me a new one on the spot. I’m fairly sure that in the past they’ve given me the actual license right there. Maybe it’s because it was past due and they had to check my record or something…


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