11 thoughts on “loving ….Susan Schmidt

  1. wow–I like her art, too, but I thought I *knew* this SS! I see she was born in AU, so it’s not the same one but even looks like her and is an artist. That was exciting for a second…thought my old friend had made it big.


      • I think they do! My given name is HORRIBLE. Nobody has that name, cos it’s made-up but here I am, rather eccentric. I think they branded me with it.

        Lily is a nickname (and there are a bazillion variations, depending on who’s talking to me!) but it seems to match me (heck, somebody *gave* it to me, so?) but if you go in for numerology, both my given name and Lily give me the same number. Hrm!


    • A lot of Australian art is influenced by our bright light and tropical colours. For generations we were influenced by European art but in the last 100 years, and especially the last 40 we have become very independent in our art. It always makes me happy!


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