ear, ear


I lost most of my hearing in both ears yesterday and so back to the doctor I went this morning. One ear was totally blocked by wax – apparently I produce copious amounts of ear wax in narrow ear canals, oh dear! I thought the doctor’s glee over what she released from my ear was somewhat overexcited, but I was happy to give her a moment of achievement in what must be a long dreary day!

The other ear is apparently still swollen from the recent infection and the influenza, so hopefully will settle in a day or two. Let’s not hold our breath on that…  At least I have one hearing ear and can now hear the phone when it rings! Mr FD can no longer mumble insults and passive aggressive threats under his breath as I can now hear them also (how quickly the masses unravel and revolt when the firm hand of control wavers for a second).

The doctor sent me home to blow dry my ears! No they are not big ears! My ears are quite dainty and elegant as you a Flamingo Dancer’s ears would be!

It is one thing to send someone home to blow dry their ears, another for that person to know when enough is enough. Was I to blow it from a distance from my head? Was it to be like a gentle sea breeze or a gale? Hot, warm, cool? In the end I optioned for slightly away from the head on the lowest heat setting and dried until I thought I could smell grilled meat…

There is always new experiences to be had in life, and I just experienced one!

16 thoughts on “ear, ear

  1. Dear FD,

    You would have a greater problem, if when holding the drier up to one ear, there was a draft on the other side (I’m ducking the slash of that formidable flamingo beak as I type).


  2. I’ll always remember my dad getting his ears cleaned by the doc and being amazed at how much better he could hear. As a result, I’m always mildly disappointed when the doc has no desire to clean mine. The sole time they did, a little dark blue speck of plastic fell out, but that was it. I knew it was from my phone but denied everything to the doc.

    Get better ASAP!!


  3. I had an ear blockage a few years ago, i was tryin to clean them out with a q-tip when it all went silent! after 2 days of that i headed to the dr. he flushed it with water and then stuck this little stick in with a loop on the end, and btwn that and the flushing back and forth this huge ball of waxy gross-ness popped out!

    I could miraculously hear again, when I got in the car, it was like surround sound! Hadnt heard that good in years I think!

    he told me you should never use a q-tip cuz it pushes more stuff IN rather than taking it out..


      • It looks like a long tapered candle but it is hollow. They smaller portion is placed in your ear and the larger end is lit. This creates a small vacuum of smoke that pulls out anything that is in there. I’ve found this to work really well when I’ve found someone that knows how to do it well. A few drops of apple cider vinegar in the ear helps, too. Hope that’s helpful and that you are feeling (and hearing) better soon!


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