harvest time

Finally got out to the fruit trees and picked the lemons and limes. It has been our best season yet for lemons. I must have picked about 3 dozen very large lemons and there are more on the tree yet to ripen. The limes are steadily ripening on the tree, but the crop is not as big as last year as we pruned the tree back hard as it was getting too tall for a suburban yard. It is wonderful to know that no chemicals have been used on the fruit, and the only water used was rain water or grey water from the washing machine. We feel a real sense of achievement in our small crop.

So I guess I should turn my mind to …. marmalade!




7 thoughts on “harvest time

  1. Nice! I grew up with an orange and a lemon tree. They were planted right next to each other, so they cross-pollinated, resulting in tart oranges and mild lemons. Several times a year, I’d go out there and snag as many as I could reach with one of those pole/cutter/bag contraptions. Then I’d make the sweetest, strongest lemonade on earth.


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