decisions, decisions

I know Kate said that she can’t go on unless I am by her side, but I really can’t decide…

what to wear?

maybe... no I dont think so.

I do like this one.

This one is a particular favourite.

perhaps something a little more simple?

I must admit that I really do like this one

Though, this has Flamingo Dancer written all over it...

Oh dear, the problem is ...

One just can’t overshadow the poor girl on her wedding day, but it is so hard to dress down. I mean when one is as glamorous as I, what can one do? I have to decide though, the girl will be distraught without me.

15 thoughts on “decisions, decisions

  1. Oh my! I just realized that by this time tomorrow the whole world will know which three dresses Kate picked for her big day! I do like the one above with your name on it!


    • I feel happy and sad for them all at the same time. I am betting that it for the first six months the press will look for pregnancy signs and then before the first anniversary the press will start on rumours of marriage problems. I hope I am wrong.


  2. I’ll go with the 2nd bottom one – but I thought you’d probably be a supporter of a republic. Just goes to show – put on a wedding and every girl starts looking at dresses. I’ll be watching SBS.


    • I am a strong supporter of the republic – put Charles in front of me and I throw tomatoes! However, I am also a history teacher and so I love the history behind the monarchy. I also want to see poor William and Kate happy for one day, before reality sets in and the media destroys them.
      I am perfectly happy for the British to have their monarchy. Viva la republic!


      • What a Wally that Charles is – fancy leaving The Chaser off the invitation. That is as bad as if they had made the gaffe of all time and fogotten the Flamingo Dancer. There is something funny about Kate (apart from marrying into the Windsors) – she’s pretty enough but the face is too broad/head too big for the neck. Still a thin neck would have considered a useful adaptation in days of yore (or should that be gore?)


    • And I can wear my signature pearls with it and should Kate be delayed one could always dance to calm the crowds. I could also hold the fans in front of Camilla’s face so that she is hidden…for Diana’s sake.


  3. Give E.R. a call FD and Bob’s ya uncle…..she’ll lend you something from her Spring wardrobe adorned with some bling from the Tower. Don’t forget to take your Akubra with you.


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