12 thoughts on “Friday… um 13th!

  1. As if you needed yet another excuse to curl up with a book! Wish I could do likewise in front of the fire, although not quite as cold as yesterday. For North American readers, we complain when it gets < 10 degrees C


  2. I’ve been pretty safe all day but I’ve come home and, forgetting that it was friday 13th, put on a scary film to watch BY MYSELF. Stupid girl.


  3. My youngest was born on Friday 13th too! And it is his birthday again tomorrow (6). When I was dealing with the hospital admin lady I said, “oh I can’t believe I might have a Friday 13th baby – will no doubt be a horror!” Guess who gave me a look of disdain as she had had a Friday 13th child?


    • My Dad was a the 13th child in a family of 18 children – he was the stand out best and nicest individual in that family! I had my operation to remove my eye on a Friday 13th… mixed emotions on that one!


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