19 thoughts on “hello? are you still out there?

  1. Halloo, halloo! It’s 5:21 am and I’m still here! Glad to know you are still with us, too, FD.
    That is, unless, you would have rather ascended to Heaven by now!


  2. Well, no. I find myself running around in the nuddy with a harp and a “How to play the harp” book. If this is heaven I’ll take my chances with the Tribulations, thanks. And there’s no whisky either. Something called altar wine. It’s as bad as when I used to sneak a snort when I was altar boy.


  3. When I was a child, my parents did not take me to church, so I had very little “Religious Education” (They made up for it later!) Thus I had this idea that in Heaven there was a spot for everyone….A little Catholic Spot, a little sport for methodists, Muslims, and Jewish people too.

    Imagine my surprise to find out that this is not actually what people believe!!!!

    And yup, I’m still here. 6:17 am. Looks like I will have to have hip surgery after all!


    • Sorry about the surgery, but I do think it is a small price to pay to allow the world to continue! I do think many people would like to think that heaven was partitioned, much as they used to do with cemeteries!


  4. Yes, we’re all still here in the Pacific Northwest. I was hoping something would happen, so I could go empty house shopping for a 50” plasma, and a new car….No such luck though.


  5. Well it’s early Monday afternoon in the Southwest US and I’m happy to report that we’re still here. I passed the same billboard this morning the reported the ‘guarantee’ of the end of the world this past Saturday. Seems kind of silly now.


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