more than a little ANGRY

Are any other Australians really, really ANGRY that BIG tobacco has enlisted the aid of Peter Allgeier , a former US ambassador to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to help it fight the Gillard government’s plan to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes? To do so they are enlisting other countries such as Malaysia to pressure the Australian Government.

Are any other Australians, and I hope a few Americans, really, really ANGRY that Republican Donald Manzullo, who sits on the House of Representatives congress committee on foreign affairs, sent the Australian government a letter criticising plain packaging, which states: “Not only does it violate Australia’s global trade obligations and undermine trademark protection, but it also has the negative effect of emboldening governments less committed to intellectual property right protection to dismiss global trade rules”?

Are any other Australians NOT SURPRISED that Big Tobacco are strong supporters of the National Liberal Party in Australia? No doubt also the Republican party in America.The federal government says that 97 per cent of British American Tobacco’s political donations worldwide in 2010 went to the Liberal and National parties.

Tony Abbott can ride his damn bike as much as he likes, but he doesn’t give one real care to the health of ordinary Australians. Hypercritical bastard.

These guys are threatening us, folks. Threatening us for trying to save lives!


10 thoughts on “more than a little ANGRY

    • It just makes me so angry about the evil that money can buy. Sad too. We all remember how many years the tobacco companies denied that smoking was a health hazard and even promoted it as good for mental health and slimming!


  1. Agree with you about Big Tobacco. This is a product that would never be licenced for sale if an application were to be made in the present day. There are many other drugs which also deserve condemnation, but this is one we can do something about. In Australia, only 20% of the population smoke, but the figure is higher in young people, especially girls. Its costs to our medical system are enornmous, and taxpayers foot the bill. It is also a product in which individual indulgence affects others – by passive smoking. Arguably, alcohol also does (via road trauma, violence, etc) – this will be the next battleground. I’m an ex-smoker, but ex-drinker…….to quote Charlton Heston, they will have to wrestle my glass from my cold, dead hand…


    • Son is a smoker despite my best efforts. He smokes outside our house with his mother’s criticisms and pleas ringing in his ears. He does not drink, though, nor take drugs, so two out of three accomplished!


  2. Well said. I too am ANGRY! I wrote a draft rant two days ago about the current behaviour of the tobacco multinationals. Unsure yet whether I’ll post it because I have no wish to offend a couple of my long-term readers who smoke.

    I might tone it down a little first. Or perhaps I won’t. Some things need to be said…..and you said ’em very well.


  3. I am currently, very sadly, watching a young (under 40) friend die of lung cancer. He was a smoker from the age of about 15; I am amazed that his smoking friends visit him and then go outside for a cigarette. Any thing that attempts to stop the young from starting to smoke is good. Any attempt to stop such actions makes me angry – but the tobacco lobbyists have soooooooooo much money behind them.


  4. Donald Manzullo has form in the area of barracking for tobacco companies. Even though he doesn’t come from a tobacoo-growing region he is known as pr0-tobacco and has fought vigorously against any regulation on pipe tobacco and cigarettes. It would be interesting to see how much he is in the pocket of the tobacco companies and how much money he makes off them. What motivates a man to take money in exchange for helping out the American Taliban (instead of heroin they push the much more pervasive and deadly drug nicotine, delivered via cigarettes, cigars and pipes)? There is a particularly warm corner in hell saved for people that have sold their soul to such inhumane causes.


  5. Instead of taking on the Tobacco industry the government should just prohibit to smoke in certain areas. Not all at one time, but area after area then people might complain and make a huge fuss about their rights as smokers, but they’ll get used to it. And at some point there will be less and less people smoking and they do it probably without noticing. I’ve seen it – it works.


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