windy night tales

As I returned to bed from the bathroom, Mr FD warned me to “Watch out for the boa constrictor “, that apparently had taken up residence in our bed during my brief absence.

Mr FD added “Don’t be too concerned as he has just constricted nine llamas and a camel, so he is not too hungry at the moment.”

“Is there going to be flatulence problem?” I asked.

“That may have occurred already.”

That was why our bedroom air conditioner’s fan was on high despite it being 9C. Damn boa constrictors.

“No need to embarrass him any more than he is already,” advised Mr FD.

“Tell him to move to your side of the bed,” I instructed as I crawled back into bed, “and tell him to stay there!”

Good night indeed.

9 thoughts on “windy night tales

  1. Bloody hell! Gotta go check out our bedroom for boa constrictors…..Mrs GOF said there was some sort of flatulence problem last night.

    Thanks for the information FD.


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