World Environment Day .

World Environment Day celebrates its 11th Anniversary on Sunday 5th of June 2011.

The environment shouldn’t have to wait another eleven years.

What are you doing about it?

Flamingo taking her first steps : by Nathan Rupert

Small things do mean a lot.

3 thoughts on “World Environment Day .

  1. One of the anomalies on the Australian scene is the controversy over solar-generated electricity. State governments encouraged (with Fed subsidies) householders to install roof-top panels and paid us for surplus power. Now most States have wound these back – claiming that the take-up rate of these panels (by those who could afford it) meant power was dearer for the remainder of consumers. Figures show roof-top panels are a dearer way to generate power compared to centralised systems such as power stations, but naively (as the owner of a set of panels), I thought the idea was to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. As someone who is also independent of mains water supply, I still pay a connection fee because reticulated water passes my property. This apparently, is my contribution to the network. This doesn’t happen with electricity, but perhaps we might see the day when it will (remote properties do pay for powerlines to reach them, however). This is analgous to the National Broadband Network controversy – somehow it seems pie-in-the-sky when most of us haven’t got decent mobile phone coverage; e.g. 5km north of Kingaroy earlier this year and being unable to operate a mobile EFTPOS, Highfields north of Toowoomba (pop. 10,000) doesn’t get Telstra coverage. My big idea for helping to save the environment – sort out the stupidity of government first and we’ll go a long way to solving many of these issues!


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