the day that comes betwixt a Saturday and Monday.

We had a lovely Sunday afternoon wandering around the trendy inner city suburb of New Farm. I did take my camera in anticipation of taking some exciting photographs to share with you, but I forgot to reload the battery which was left  in the charger at home. However, we won’t allow that to deter us, will we? We shall just resort to google images!

Daughter 2 had a desire to see Bridesmaids, so we went to an early session of the movies at the Palace Cinemas in James Street. I was able to get a really nice coffee to take into the movie with me. So many suburban cinemas now make you choose particular seats when you purchase tickets, so it was a little strange to be treated like an adult by just wandering in, and choosing one’s own seat!

The movie was very enjoyable, a romantic comedy that actually had a story line. Once again, the female lead was a baker, the “in career” for a thirty something romantic lead. That aside, it was laugh out loud fun and we came out feeling bubbly, which is what a chick flick should do for one!

After that we went to Campos for lunch. I believe Campos has won awards for having the best coffee in Australia and I must admit was a good coffee. Though, that was after a very generous glass of a very smooth cabernet sauvignon and a very nice steak sandwich, but I don’t think that influenced my opinion all that much!

Campos is a little café down a lane. In fact, some of the seating is in an alleyway outside the café. When I say seating, I mean upturned plastic milk crates with seat cushions made from hessian coffee bags, around small tables under umbrellas!  We were seated inside, which was nice, as it was a little chilly in the shady alley. It was busy and we had to wait about 10 minutes in the alley for a seat, but in all it was a very enjoyable experience

same milk crates as these, however hessian coffee bag cushions on show today

After lunch we popped into the James Street Markets as D2 needed some fruit and vegetable. James Street Markets, and in fact most of New Farm is, as I mentioned, a very trendy area, frequented by professionals, and an area particularly favoured by gay couples with high incomes. So, the markets are quite high end with a range of items not available in suburban supermarkets. One would need a professional salary to shop there on a regular basis! I believe there is even a cookery school housed in the building.

It was fun for an afternoon. I found some of it a little pretentious. I always find boutiques with 6 dresses hanging on hangers placed artfully about the store, a little hilarious. I mean, it is just retail, dahling. They are just trying to part us from our money! That aside, I did enjoy the movie, I did enjoy the meal and the coffee and the wine, and most of all I enjoyed the time spent with our very beautiful daughter.

Of all the days that’s in the week
I dearly love but one day
And that’s the day that comes betwixt
A Saturday and Monday.
~Henry Carey

10 thoughts on “the day that comes betwixt a Saturday and Monday.

  1. I also notice that used/fleamarket clothing always leans toward the teeny sizes. People grow out of their best, and onto the racks they go. Doesn’t help me at all.

    Campos looks cute! Love the pale olive/royal blue combination!


  2. I’m not one for chick flicks so I LOVED the first 1/3 of Bridesmaids, when it was crude humor, but HATED the rest. Too predictable and “over the top” chick flick for me… probably because I have no chick friends. But I did get the “George Glass” reference (when the lead is in bed and pretending she has a date) which most people will miss because it’s a VERY old reference from The Brady Bunch (old US sticom)…. Jan’s character makes up a story about having a boyfriend and says his name is “uhhh…. (looks around, spots a glass)… GLASS, George Glass!”


    • OMG I forgot the Jan Brady scene, but once you wrote your comments it came flooding back! I have been a bridesmaid three times (some years ago) and daughter, twice now, so I think we really identified with the issues that arise when one is a bridesmaid.

      All chick flicks are predictable, that is why we love them I think. It is like going to MacDonalds – you know what you are going to get from the start and that is why we go. Pure fun. Most American comedy has way to much slapstick, much more than British and Australian comedy. We rely on language more.

      I honestly enjoyed it, and will no doubt will line up to view the DVD in the future!


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