The leaves of life keep falling one by one

When we moved to Brisbane we found a family medical practice in the adjoining suburb. I liked the fact that there were a number of female doctors sharing the practice. Over the years I have settled on two women in particular as my personal doctors. Two because they work staggered hours and are not always available, so I moved between the two women, depending on who was available that day. I feel equally confident in both doctors.

Last year, one of my doctors developed cancer. We were all devastated as she is a wonderful woman, who has spent time in remote Aboriginal health before moving back to the city. She has teenage children, her son suffered a life threatening disease of his own, just prior to her diagnosis.

Monday morning, when I was in the office for a check up, I asked how her illness was progressing and was told the heart breaking news that she was in palliative care. Final stage.

I feel so sad. I feel sorry for her, and her family, and I feel sorry for her patients who are being robbed of a caring and supportive doctor.

Life is not fair, and death is inevitable for us all, but sometimes, the cruelties of life and death just make me want to shake my fist and curse.

10 thoughts on “The leaves of life keep falling one by one

  1. Very very much so.
    Shaking my fist and cursing, you know. At who or at what….at nothing, really. Life is just what it is. Fragile. Beautiful. Fleeting. Horrifying. Amazing.
    But, I endeavor to feel gratitude always at having been able to experience it all. I keep trying to hold on to that feeling.


    • Yes, I agree. It is what it is. So sad when people don’t make their three score and ten. I am grateful that I was born in the country I was, as Australia offers so many freedoms that other countries do not.


  2. It is a really sad situation, especially as it seems your doctor’s heart has always been in the right place.
    So difficult to find compassionate caring doctors in this hectic world of medicine we have today.


    • A number of boys who went to school with Son have gone on to do medicine – and their major motivation, that they all openly admit, is money! It is a worry as there was much talk about weeding out such people…helps to have a parent as a doctor when going through the interview process in Australia – old boys club all around.


  3. “Life is not fair, and death is inevitable for us all, but sometimes, the cruelties of life and death just make me want to shake my fist and curse.”
    Amen. This is an obvious statement, but i really hate death. šŸ˜¦


    • Life should be valued that is for sure.

      If someone dies at 93 like FIL did recently, while it is sad, it is more acceptable as the cycle of life. When someone is younger it seems unfair. I guess she is luckier than some as she has had 50 off years, and a family and a valuable life, others die far younger. There are degrees of unfairness, but then again it is all unfair.


  4. I am sorry for your loss, and for the others who have lost their doctor and friend and mother and wife and sibling and daughter. It is too much sometimes.
    I’m hoping that on the other side we’ll get some sort of reasonable explanation for all of this.


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