wordpress issue query

Are you finding that you have to click on “comment” more than once to post your comment?

Are you finding that your comment, once posted, also stays in the reply comment area and has to be deleted before writing a new comment?

14 thoughts on “wordpress issue query

    • Umm, I haven’t had a noticeable drop off, but I have noticed over the years that numbers drop off in the northern summer and especially during US summer vacation. I guess they make hay while the sun shines!


  1. Yes FD.
    And I think it is just me. I was in vox, vox closed. I went to typepad, typepad kept having outages. I come to wordpress, this happens.
    Is the universe trying to tell me something? Like “Stop blogging”.


  2. I noticed having to press the “Post Comment” button twice, but only for a day. It stopped for me.

    Also getting the previous comment in the box, and having to highlight it and overwrite it for the next comment. But only on any one page. When I move to another posting, the comment box is clear (at least for the first one).


  3. Yes and Yes.

    Except – I only have to click once when making a comment on my own page …

    And what kimmy said above – the comment stays for that page only – but that’s damned annoying enough!

    It’s an “improvement” …


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