everything is coming up roses


I am  a superior human being.

I have gardened (planted celery and marigolds in the vegetable garden, as well as a lavender plant), gone for a walk (all the way to the local shopping centre, where I bought salmon to sear for dinner) and drank a lovely glass of red. I nurtured body and soul, all in one day!

Blogging, I have decided, and this is not under the influence of the red, is a great motivator (If I was under the influence I would announce “I luvs you all!” in an Australian slur). To blog about an intention, such as a life change, for example, to walk daily, brings lots of support and a few suggestions from the blog neighbourhood. This in turn leads to a sense of commitment on the blogger’s behalf and that turns talk into action. Walk the talk!

I am the case in point. I blog about needing to walk or exercise, lovely blog friends offer support and suggestions, and then I feel like I can’t let you down, as well as myself, and so voilà, I go for a walk. Who needs a salivating dog, Pavlov?

Of course that means that you have made the commitment to support and comfort me, every step of the way. Never thought of that did you? Ah yes, indeed my health is now in your hands. I am your responsibility.

What is my next reward?

8 thoughts on “everything is coming up roses

  1. Very proud of you for walking. BUt, I admit…I am most interested and beg of you to take pictures as I have never seen celrey growing….really!

    I am glad you are taking care of yourself. When do you go back to work?


  2. I checked out this blog because it ;looked intersting. I am a great believer and practitioner of walking and would suggest, without knowing your background, that walking is its own reward


  3. FD, I am urging you to take a bottle of red on each and every walk, and every 200 metres stop to admire the world then take a swig from the bottle to remind yourself of my ongoing support for your healthy lifestyle.


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