Lining up all my ducks

On the way to a morning at St Mary’s of the Middle Class Ladies on Friday,  I passed a human sized yellow duck wearing a graduation cap and gown, standing on a street corner.

Dux of his class?





Dux of his class – Ducks of his class?

[Dux:  the top pupil in a class or school. Latin for leader.]

2 thoughts on “Lining up all my ducks

  1. A wonder you didn’t duck for cover. This morning gave away a box of lemons and juiced 3 others. All from 1 tree, which was here when we came in ’04. It has not borne much fruit – during our drought years. This year it has burst into life. Meanwhile, 3 other citrus trees, including 1 orange which we planted around 3 years ago, yielded around 1/2 doz oranges which we juiced for breakfast. Cost of that drink – in terms of power for the grey water distribution, petrol to create the mulch…aw, just forget it!


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