6 thoughts on “June 25th… know what that means?

  1. Oh Crap!!!! I have been toying with some crafty ideas for the Holidays. With every other project, I guess I will either have to speed up or give up!!!!

    What is on your Christmas List?


    • This Christmas, Mr and Mrs Boy are going to do a tour of Europe, and so this is the first time since she was born in 1979 that we are without one of our children at Christmas, so I feel as though one of my limbs will be missing. How strange that they have chosen a Christmas Day taking a sleigh ride in Germany, rather than spend the day with me! They had better bring me back something good – and not just a future grandchild!


  2. This is on my mind this as I am doing a Christmas layout for a magazine in the next few weeks….Christmas in July?


  3. When I think about Christmas I feel confused and cast adrift. Mom was with us for the past 18 Christmases and so often I chafed at having to cater to her, wanting to go off on adventures instead. Now I’m free to adventure and wish she was here for one more Christmas.


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