not so gentle reminders

I was reminded of a couple things today.

The first thing was that Mr FD can still outsmart me on the odd occasion. Mr FD wondered aloud why his wife/slave was not making him a Saturday morning breakfast and was answered with “because I am working again.” He appeared to accept the answer and wandered back into the kitchen to cook some eggs.

A few minutes later he called from the kitchen requesting I watch his pan while he made an urgent visit to the bathroom. Assuming his eggs were in danger of burning I put down my book and grumbled my way out to the kitchen.

I found a frying pan heating on the stove, but there was nothing in the pan! Mr FD could simply have switched the stove off until his return. Instead, I ended up cooking his eggs, which just happened to be ready and waiting when he reappeared.

I didn’t tell him what I may, or may not have added to the cooking eggs…but if evil thoughts could end lives, Mr FD may not last the night.

The second thing I learnt was at the hairdressers. I don’t know if they over booked, or simply mistimed things, but they were already running late when I arrived for my appointment. I waited to be taken in, then when she washed my hair she parked me for another 20 minutes while she finished another customer’s hair.

I was getting a little annoyed, well a lot annoyed, but decided there was nothing I could really do so tried a few mediation techniques and calmed myself into the moment. When the stylist returned she proceed to give me an extra long head massage when I really wanted to say “skip it and get on with the cutting”, but politeness won, if only just.

So three hours later I am at the desk making my next appointment, ready to flee like a giselle from the salon and reclaim what was left of my Saturday, when the stylist starts to thank me profusely for being so patient and not complaining and how she appreciated me waiting so calmly for her. She then gave me a $20 discount!

The day’s lessons weren’t over yet, dear friends.

Mr FD brought home a copy of Dr Carole Hungerford’s book Good Health in the 21st Century last night (it is one of the book titles we stock on our website, and he had been to the warehouse and picked up a copy). Just reading it while I waited at the hairdressers made me feel not only optimistic, that I was doing something positive with my life, but I also started to think of some healthier versions of the meals I was planning to cook this weekend.

Stopping at the supermarket to collect a few things I found myself buying organic meat and produce despite the extra cost. A Flamingo Dancer deserves only the best of course! Standing at the checkout, I was feeling really good about myself, and that is when I had another lesson, for I reached over and purchased a cloth bag for my groceries. I have a pile of cloth bags at home, but if I forget to take them to the supermarket I usually just accept plastic bags. Today I paid for yet another bag, instead.

My healthy food made me feel happy about myself, and in that state of mind I was more thoughtful of the earth. My joy is joy to the world (yes, I can hear the music too).

So, what did I learn?

Well, from Mr FD that sometimes you just have to admit defeat and retreat, to return to fight another day! One thing about marriage is that you know that there always will be a chance for revenge on another day!

My hairdresser reminded me that what goes around comes around. And maybe the meek really will inherit the earth, or at least cheaper hair cuts! I have to admit that I did get some quality reading time in too!

And that led me to my third lesson and perhaps the most important, and that is; when I care about myself, I care about others. Feeling happy, positive and proactive about my own life made me consider my environment as well, and that is a win, win for everyone.

Not bad for one Saturday, I say.

13 thoughts on “not so gentle reminders

  1. off topic, I saw this quote on Sleep Talkin’ Man and thought of you: “Respect the librarian. They’re the keymasters of bookish power. Heed these words, or I kick you in the nuts.”


    • I love the Micheal Moore quote “I really didn’t realize the librarians were, you know, such a dangerous group. They are subversive. You think they’re just sitting there at the desk, all quiet and everything. They’re like plotting the revolution, man. I wouldn’t mess with them” So FD!


      • The latest reprot I have from our development team is that they’re working on putting them back possibly by next week. Issues with other F+W websites took priority. In the meantime, as we wrote up top, you can post comments in any of the threads and post fresh comments as well. Have you been following Today’s Comics Guide?


  2. Sounds like some wonderful lessons! It’s true, when you take care of yourself, you are more likely to take care of others. 🙂 I think it’s our natural desire to share what we have–whether it’s misery or happiness. 😉


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