feet first

I was having a lovely  weekend, being the model of domesticity and earth mother. I even decided to roast organic chicken to store for wraps for lunches this week. Talk about superiority!

That was until I spilled hot oil from the roasting pan onto the top of my bare foot. There may have been some chicken dancing around the kitchen after that, and it wasn’t the chicken that did it.

I did the run cold water water, apply ice and then apply aloe vera oil to the burn area, and that appears to be holding back and blistering, but it is rather sore right now.

This is the second time in a matter of weeks that I have injured a foot. This is my left foot, the other time it was my right foot.

On that occasion a carving knife flipped out of the dishwasher and stabbed my toe. It must have hit on a major vein for blood spurted all over the kitchen floor. Mr FD was most worried that I would disappear or die and when they did the blue light blood search trick they would discover blood all over the kitchen and he would get blamed… tantalising thought.

However, I wrote the tale in an email to Daughter2, and being a lawyer she wrote back and said that she would keep my email as evidence on behalf of her father. Lawyers are no fun.

Perhaps I need to start wearing steel capped boots in the kitchen? No doubt a good look with a frilly apron!

12 thoughts on “feet first

  1. I would like to see that picture – a nice gingham or paisley with combat boots beneath. Being a home diva is dangerous work.


  2. Ouch! One of the worst burns I ever got was splattering boiling cheese sauce on the top of my bare foot – I started wearing shoes in the kitchen after that – though most of the time I swap the steel caps for little slip ons.


    • I tell you what was quick – my hop around the kitchen to grab a wet towel to clean my foot! My vocalisation was also something I am sure the neighbours enjoyed, though no doubt they are used to strange noises from the FD nest!


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