sing, sing a song…

I am having a wonderful time at St Mary’s of the Middle Class Ladies. The staff have been very kind and gracious, giving me lots of very positive feedback regarding my efforts too. What’s not to love, though?

I have a greater ICT focus that their usual librarian, who is very much an old school librarian, to the degree that one of the deputy principals (there are 4) joked about looking in the library for pieces of parchment on which to write book orders! Once a week I send around a newsletter describing and linking to all sorts of online resources, to the teachers, and the ground swell is that they are very excited about all the new things they are learning. It is nice to have a positive impact and to help people do their own jobs better!

The students are lovely. There are some real characters. One girl must be on some kind of medication, for she speaks very very fast and never sits still, but she is well behaved. She shook hands with me when she introduced herself! She is just 14 years old!

I was informed today that I have to lead the prayer at the staff meeting in a week or two. I have to come up with some kind of prayer, or quote for everyone to focus on. Yes, it has occurred to me as well, that they may live to regret that decision! Maybe I should just lead a chorus of kumbaya!

Speaking of singing, earlier this week we had choir practice for the school mass later this week. The songs were quite lively and we got a rockin’, well the teachers did trying to motivate the students into singing! We may have made fools of ourselves. Not me, the others. We all know it is impossible for me to make a fool of myself, even if I try! Anyway, my point is that hymns are much happier these days, rather than the funeral dirges we sang when I was in the school choir.

It was kind of nice to sit and listen to the young voices singing for awhile. Very peaceful, and strangely calming, but then music is like that, isn’t it? Religious or not, music does speak to the soul. And I am sure that if I hadn’t sold my soul to the devil long ago (we all know my evilosity and its capabilities) my soul would have been deeply moved .

Now, if they were singing about me…that might be something altogether different!

10 thoughts on “sing, sing a song…

  1. You are like a fairy godmother bouncing around to different places lighting them up FD! Too bad there aren’t thousands of you out there in this sometimes dark old world instead of just one….I guess there can only be one Flamingo Dancer though.


    • There are some very good teachers at this school, people who really care about their students. There is one student who is in the hospital suffering with anorexia and even the library assistants are visiting her in hospital, as well as teachers and her class mates. Good people…but as you say none to compare with me!


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