mystery and mayhem in the library

I had such a wonderful day with the students today. We created a crime fiction display today, with “crime scene do not cross” banners, paper blood dripping off book shelves, and a murder victim (a small year 8 student!) outline taped onto the carpet. My little group of library helpers came in at lunch time and became so excited, and were competing with each other to help me.

We had lots of excitement, fun, talk and laughter in the library throughout the lunch break, and during classes as more students came through the library they all gathered around to check out the crime fiction… and the body in the library!

One of the teachers walked by and said wistfully “I wish the library could stay like this…” I am getting such incredibly positive feedback from staff and students that I feel so incredibly grateful to have been offered such a wonderful experience, after the Junta.

Three weeks down, six more to go. Loving it.

16 thoughts on “mystery and mayhem in the library

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    • There is an Agatha Christie book titled Death in the Library. Our victim is lying on the ground with a book in her hand, and I was thinking of copying the book jacket and placing in the hand outline, but alas can’t find an image of the cover that fits.


  2. Oh! That sounds like a blast! I wish our library did something like that when I was a kid. It would get the kids more interested. It sounds like something we’d do around Halloween.


    • As I have said before, I see my role as librarian as one to bring life to the library and to excite the students, and to be an information support to the teachers. That is how I get my big jollies!


  3. Um… I think we have a problem. I couldn’t find a message board on your blog, but it now says that your blog is my blog under “Blogs.” I don’t know if I can doodle with your blog, but I am very confused as to why it’s on there. Is mine on yours? :/


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