it was a half good idea at the time

It is Children’s Book Week in Australia, and tomorrow we are holding a “fancy dress” parade in the library at lunch time (with prizes). The library staff were asked what costumes we were wearing, and so we are going as librarians – wearing black skirts, twin sets and pearls. We have false hair rolls to fake buns in our hair. Someone thought it was funny…

For those of you in Australia, I fear we may look more like the Kransky Sisters than librarians! The things we do for our students.


10 thoughts on “it was a half good idea at the time

  1. What a great school! It seems that they really do a lot of interactive activities there. You had posted recently about the murder mystery in the library. The students must love this.


  2. Ooookay…the Kransky Sisters.

    Had to look them up on YouTube. My, my, Australia never ceases to amaze! I think I like the musical saw the best. And how did they get those expressions???

    Can’t think of anyone like that here in the US. Might just be a good thing!


    • They are so deadpan and serious. They have this line, referring to the fact that two have one father and another has a different father “Her father made our father go away” that Mr FD and I often recite to each other in times of insanity….which is quite often!


  3. There is NO WAY you could look as horrid as those sisters! Please take a picture of the three of you and show it to us. Sounds like a lot of fun.


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