fill it again, sam

I came home and opened a bottle of red wine tonight. In fact, I stopped on the way home and bought the bottle just in case we didn’t have something suitable. I wasn’t taking chances.

This morning, one of the library techs, The Stupid One to be exact, said that she thought she had to go home as she had stomach pain, I asked her if she wanted me to call her husband, no, did she want someone from the school to drive her home, no… and then she said she thought maybe she needed an ambulance.

I didn’t ask any further questions and called an ambulance. She was having severe stomach pain, then said she was hot, then she went cold and with 5 winter coats around her (we grabbed every coat in the library office) she was still shivering. Her mouth went very dry too but we wouldn’t let her drink in case she needed surgery and so just let her rinse her mouth.

She seemed to decline rapidly so I got one of the men to help her onto the floor and I rolled her into the recovery position on her left side. She appeared to drift in and out of consciousness, but we kept talking to her and makig her stay awake.

Then we waited and waited. Apparently if you don’t say heart attack or stroke, they don’t exactly rush. Another phone call told us they were coming at road speed – no sirens or lights. It was close to an hour before they arrived.

When they did arrive, a male and female officer, we were not impressed by the male as he was very off hand, rather rough and appeared to think she wasn’t as ill as she appeared. They made her sit on a chair but eventually gave her morphine. Then they wanted her to walk to the ambulance!

We were aghast and said no, she will go in the school wheel chair at least, which she did. By the time she got to the ambulance her blood pressure and heart rate were off the machine, and their manner had changed somewhat. In fact they decided to take her to a much closer hospital than the one they originally said.

Last we heard she was admitted for testing and was resting under medication.

Yeah, Friday in the school library. Where is my glass?

26 thoughts on “fill it again, sam

  1. Blimey Flamingo, you’ve earned that drink! I hope the poor lady is ok. At least she had a level headed FD to rally the troops and deal with the problem, a flamingo is always at her finest in a crisis!


  2. One hates to think of complaining about the amubulance, but in this case, one wonders…….If I’m ever in this situation I will know to press the panic button when dealing with them.


  3. I think you do need to say something. That is outrageous behavior for an emergency responder. And an hour!!! Did they stop for lunch??? I would complain, and complain loudly. Hope the Stupid One is okay. Pour me one, wouldja??


  4. Holy moly, that’s pretty appalling! You wouldn’t have called an ambulance unless it was an emergency, so they should treat it as such!

    Drink that glass of wine. Or the whole bottle!


    • I am glad that they expect teachers to all have first aid certificate, but it is amazing how you forget so much when the time comes. I guess like all knowledge or skills, if they aren’t used on a regular basis you forget.


  5. Wow, there didn’t seem to be any sense of emergency with the paramedics. What an interesting day you had there. Never a dull moment in Flamingo Dancer’s world! I’d say some wine is definitely in order. Maybe a bottle or two.


  6. Good for you for being there. I don’t drink alcohol, but I’ve gone through similar situations where I’d have downed a bottle of whiskey if it had been available.

    (sudden onset of stomach pain with fever and chills could be something serious)


    • I had read that women having heart attacks often get stomach pain, and then I started to wonder if she had internal bleeding… all kinds of thoughts kept running through my mind as I was trying to chat aimlessly about her grand daughter’s upcoming birthday just to calm her down.


  7. An hour? Scary! I was once with a lady who was having a heart attack and I was really impressed with the ambos when they arrived – I had said “heart attack” when I called and they sent a special cardiac ambulance. They were there very quickly but for me, only 20 at the time, it seemed a very long time.


  8. O.O Wow! How scary! Why in the heck didn’t they speed there? You should never assume what a situation is until you get there. >.> I hope she is okay and that she recovers quickly!


    • She appears to be improving but they need to do more tests to ascertain what her issues are. I suspect panic/stress might be part of her problem as well. For her sake, and the library’s, I hope she retires now!


  9. Oh my god! What a day. Those ambulance workers sound like total jerks to me. I hope your co-worker is doing better, no thanks to that ambulance.


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