Flamingo Files: sugarless, Sunday style.

Sunday breakfast - I used the last of our savings to buy a banana !

Keep your head above water, USA! Oh, that could apply in more ways that one, couldn’t it? Stay dry, stay safe. When our children were small, my Mum would rock them to sleep while she sang them “Goodnight Irene”. Maybe now is not the time to tell you that…

Economic indicators? Next time you are in your supermarket, check out the egg section. If you are in a “wealthy” area the egg section will be small, if however you are shopping in a “poorer” area, the egg section will be large. In these hard economic times, egg sales are going through the roof, because many people can not afford meat, and are eating eggs as their source of protein.

I am trying to give up sugar, as I am indeed a sugar addict. I am into day four and I find that I am eating more protein (eggs for breakfast!). Our raised vegetable garden is starting to provide us with lots of vegetables so that will help, but I do love to bake….muffins! I shall have to look for sugarless alternatives! And no, I will never use artificial sweetener. My body is a temple after all.

Macaroons? So yesterday!

I read that macaroons as so yesterday.  Now the in food is DOUGHNUTS! Not your ordinary everyday doughnuts, but doughnuts with fennel seed sugar or lemon curd. Shall we do a media watch and monitor how long the blogosphere takes to start drooling over doughnuts? I guess you can count me as number one (naturally!).

I forgot to have a Plan B. In fact, I should have had a Plan C,D,E,F, and G, as well. Life is like that.

Do I really need a text message form a co-worker telling me she has had a “big vomit”?

Are you still an adolescent at heart? In many ways, I think men remain adolescents at heart. Women certainly don’t, for even as adolescents we females want to be adults. I make no comment about Mr FD – hell, yes I will. Possibly, he is Neanderthal at heart. On his good days.

I was browsing recipe sites when I came across a list of aphrodisiac ingredients. The list included garlic! Garlic? As in garlic breath?  The list must have originally been compiled by a father of many daughters!

I am going to take this week by the neck and make it dance to my tune… at least Monday…maybe?

Don’t you love the way the rioters in England are “blaming” Facebook for the fact that they rioted? It was on Facebook, so I joined in. So that proves it, we really will jump off a cliff if everyone else does. Mother was right! Aren’t we a species to be proud of?

Do you realise that in just four months, Christmas will be over?

If you plan a spontaneous moment, is it spontaneous?

18 thoughts on “Flamingo Files: sugarless, Sunday style.

  1. I have some great sugar free baking recipes that use dates or bananas for sweetness (including chocolate muffins) if you want them. They are also wheat/gluten and dairy free so are pretty good all round


  2. ya know… when I first heard everyone blaming social media for the riots I thought WTF? We had riots in LB long before social media was popular. People don’t riot because of social media – they riot because they’re unhappy!

    Good luck on the sugar free thing. It’s an admirable goal.

    donuts? ick feh poo. I don’t like donuts. I barely like mini cupcakes (same diff; just different shapes)

    as for Christmas.. LALALALA… I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!


  3. Best wishes on the sugar free. Honey is a great alternative. I will never be sugar free sadly.
    ANd yes, an adolescent at heart….this week I seem to have developed a crush on a man at my gym, so much so that when he talks to me, Verbose me can think of nothing funny or witty to say…
    Oh well


  4. Irene didn’t strike with the foretold impact (just as I saw coming). The media once again up to their old tricks – weather exaggeration, stirring public panic. Yawn.

    If you plan a spontaneous moment, is it spontaneous?
    Reckon that falls into the self-canceling phrases category. In the purest literal sense, I reckon the answer is yes; translates into “what will be will be” and planning for that occurrence. Not a bad way to live, really.


  5. You are stronger than I am if you can give up sugar. I have tried before but cannot stick with it.

    A lot of various and interesting things to think about in your post. Your comment about Christmas surprised me. Just 4 months? My mother is flying here for Thanksgiving which is a huge big deal for her. I hope that Josh can come too, so that everyone will be here!


    • I do hope that your family can all be together for Christmas. This will be the first Christmas we won’t be all together as Daughter1 and Mr Boy are going to Europe for a month. As they hope to give us a grandchild in a year or so, I will forgive them this time!
      I have made it to day 5 without sugar… and there was a bow of chocolates in the staff room all day!


  6. Ah, yes, very good questions. Not sure about the vomit bit – might have a chat with the co-worker involved. And Irene? We’re back together with just the mess to clean up.


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