The sweetness of success

I wrote a few weeks ago about giving up sugar. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, though that said, I can’t say it has been entirely painless.

I have found that if I eat protein for breakfast, such as an egg, then I have a much easier day of being sugar free. If I eat healthy main meals then the snacking is not so tempting.

So far, I appear to have lost 2kgs without any other change to my diet, or any increase in exercise. It is a slow process, but at least something is happening.

If I can just shed 1 kg a month for the next 12 months, I will be well within my healthy weight range.

I  actually think  I feel better, and I have more energy. I haven’t been suffering from the mid afternoon slump that I usually experience.So far, I think I have gained more positives, than things I have missed out on.

There will always be another chocolate cake to eat. I don’t have to rush.

sugar and spice

Staycation Tuesday was a quiet affair. Daughter2 and I baked the family’s Christmas cake. Nothing like cutting up dried fruit and sifting spices to make us realise how incredibly fast this year has gone. Hopefully, the best is yet to come!

There was a little brandy left in the bottle, I swear. Amazing how it evaporates in the bottle though…

on all fours

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  1. School – whichever school I am working at each term.
  2. My hometown to visit my Mum, Sister and BIL, or to catch up with school friends. Not as often as I used to, which is sad.
  3. My hairdresser and beautician who are actually several suburbs away, a hang over from the days of the Basement of Discontent, but they accommodate my ways and won’t talk when I need quiet .
  4. The local garden nursery to buy seedlings. It combines a restaurant, gift shop and plant nursery and I love to browse.





  1. Bruce Springsteen
  2. Liam Neeson
  3. Steve Carrell
  4. My first crush was David MacCallum back in the Man from U.N.C.L.E days.


  1.  clean, sun dried clothes and bed linen
  2. lavender
  3. rose
  4. rain settled dust



  1.  Big Bang Theory (I can’t help myself)
  2. Midsommer Murders
  3. Downton Abbey
  4. Colbert Report


  1. You’ve Got Mail (bookshops, people!)
  2. The Help
  3. Finding Forrester
  4. Any, and I mean any, movie based on Jane Austen’s novels.


  1. You can get some great gifts on milestone birthdays – maybe it is the sympathy vote, who knows, or cares. Show other people how to do it with style. Plan a series of events, not just one party with a bang. Lots of smaller intimate events nourish the soul.
  2. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
  3. Continue learning – something, anything. Get a degree, taking up whittling, or whistling or whatever takes your fancy but keep your interests alive.
  4. Don’t live through your children. Live beside your children.

staying the course on Staycation Monday

In case you were wondering, we did make our way out of the shopping mall on Monday afternoon, but not immediately.

After my elevation to one of  the beautiful people, by Ella Bache, we met up with Daughter1. We weren’t quite hungry enough for lunch, despite what my stomach was saying to the listening public, and so Daughter2 parked D1 and I at a café table for refreshment and disappeared to continue her wardrobe refinement.

This time around I chose a pot of Irish Breakfast tea, while D2 had coffee. She knew she needed the hard stuff to keep up with D2. So D1 and I caught up, as only two teachers comparing student horror stories can. After about an hour, the tea pot was drained, we were starting to feel guilty about occupying a table at what was now lunch rush, but too afraid to order without permission.

Luckily, D1 received a summons. D2 called from a change room, needing a sisterly opinion. So D1 was despatched with my request as to whether I was allowed to eat or not (and you thought Flamingo Dancer was afraid of no one, no one, that is except for her own daughters!) Eventually daughters returned and I was led away to another restaurant, where I was allowed to eat.

After a lovely lunch, and this time a pot of English Breakfast tea (I was now on a quest as to how many different blends of teas I could drink in a single day, but appeared anchored in the British Isles) Daughter1 and I were cut loose to browse, while Daughter2 made her final decisions and retraced her steps to finalise her purchases. So many dresses on hold, so much wardrobe to fill.

I lost count of the carry bags Daughter2  clutched on her return, but I think the retail sector is going to see an upsurge in September.

Not willing to give in to the day as yet, we moved on to the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA)  to view the Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Man, The Image & The World exhibition. It was superb, to say the least.

Afterwards we were going to have cake, and no doubt more tea, but the restaurant at the nearby State Library cafe were asking $9.50 for one piece of cake! Sure it was chocolate cake, but $9.50! The cake would have averaged 20 servings, and they would have probably paid around $50 from the supplier, but it doesn’t take much of a mathematical ability to work out the rip off. On principle was refused to buy it.

Instead, we headed home. It was the kind of Monday I wish we could all have every week… though I think Daughter2’s closet might not cope under the strain!

Staycation Monday, Rubber Ducky!

Any Monday that starts with a rubber duck on the Brisbane River, you know is going to be a good Monday.

Daughter2 and I continued our staycation. We did have a task in that we had to drop her car off to have the air conditioning fixed. No woman in her right mind is going to face an Australian summer with malfunctioning car air conditioning!

I wasn’t quite sure of the route so I followed D2 along the freeway. I didn’t have to risk life and limb to keep in her sight either. At one stage a young woman drove her car between us, and I very soon noticed that the said young woman, was indeed a stupid woman, as she had her sunvisor down so that she could view the mirror on the back of it and do her hair as she drove along.

My mother instinct jumped to life and I had visions that stupid woman was going to rear end my daughter at any moment, so as soon as my chance arose, I moved forward and placed my car between them.

Telling D2 how I was ready to sacrifice myself to save my child, I was met with a laugh and the comment “Then both our cars would have probably been put out of action!” So much for the Wonder Mother of the Year award nomination from that child.

We then moved on to a shopping mall, where a pot of Prince of Wales tea and cinnamon toast was called for, to give me strength to follow Daughter2 through many, many frock shops. Apparently, her wardrobe is not yet complete and so replenishment was called upon.

My role is to keep in the background until summoned and then to give advice on whether her choice of new frock is the right choice. Once we agree, she then puts the item on hold for a few hours and we proceed to the next door and repeat the performance. I get to provide comedy relief for the store crowd.

This process was nicely interrupted by an hour of complete bliss in which we experienced an Ella Bache facial. After been socially embarrassed  after displaying my badly neglected skin cells under a blue light, the beautician agreed to tackle the enormous task ahead of her, and attempt a rescue of my epidermis.

Clothes hung in the little locker, I slipped between the soft cotton filled towelling covers, my hair tucked beneath a hair net. The lights were dimmed, the candles lit, and soft music played as background. I never had a date this good!

For an hour I was exfoliated, cleansed, treated, toned, moisturised and massaged and oiled. I made no effort to speak, enjoying my moment, except for the elephant in the room. My rumbling stomach.

No, it wasn’t hunger. I just find that when I relax and lie on my back my stomach feels the need to communicate with the outer world. Apparently it is quite common during massages and beauty treatments, but the Flamingo Dancer tummy does not do anything by halves, like the rest of me, and so it does communicate with gusto. So, after a joint laugh about my stomach, the beautician and I bonded for life. No doubt she will name her first born after me.

Eventually the bliss came to an end, and I was given a glass of water to drink, no doubt to steady my nerves as the upselling began. I had no intention of buying any products. Daughter2 was paying for my facial, and the added eye treatment I sneaked on to the account, and so I was scot free for credit card damage.

So, I left with only two thirds of the products my personal consultant, my new best friend,  recommended to me. I apologised to her for not buying all her recommendations and begged for forgiveness, but there was a limit on the credit card and it was fast approaching. I promised to come back and show her my skin when the products were depleted, because my skin may be so improved that I may need a completely new and different range. Praise the Lord!

She had the grace to smile at me when we passed in the mall, a couple of hours later. Still shopping with Daughter2.

Daughter2 was happy that I had bought a few products, because she is worried that it is taking her a little longer to find a male mate, and if she doesn’t hurry up soon I won’t pass the “will she look like her mother in 20 years” test. Apparently, I have a role to play, and when The Man is trotted home in due course, I must pass muster, to insure her odds of success. I never realised.

Thank goodness that Daughter1 is now married, while I apparently still had some of the bloom of my youth!

staycation Sunday

Sunday was a great day of staycation. Daughter2 and I went to the morning movie session of Submarine. which was a great movie about teenage angst, coming of age, and relationships.

Afterwards we had lunch at Libertine at the Barracks. We ordered a jug of pimms which was cold and delicious, while we waited for our meal.

I ordered a  Vietnamese chicken salad, while D2 had spring rolls.

Not quite ready to go home, we took in another movie. This time around we saw The Help, another superb movie. And no, we usually don’t take in two movies in one day, but hey we are on staycation!

All I can say is that Staycation Sundays are fantastic. Try one, sometime!