staycation Sunday

Sunday was a great day of staycation. Daughter2 and I went to the morning movie session of Submarine. which was a great movie about teenage angst, coming of age, and relationships.

Afterwards we had lunch at Libertine at the Barracks. We ordered a jug of pimms which was cold and delicious, while we waited for our meal.

I ordered a  Vietnamese chicken salad, while D2 had spring rolls.

Not quite ready to go home, we took in another movie. This time around we saw The Help, another superb movie. And no, we usually don’t take in two movies in one day, but hey we are on staycation!

All I can say is that Staycation Sundays are fantastic. Try one, sometime!

4 thoughts on “staycation Sunday

  1. Many many many years ago my sister and I spent an entire day/night at the movies (and actually paid for every film, no sneaking in without paying). Our first was at 11am and we finished some time after midnight. I don’t remember a single movie we saw, just that it was a fun (and slightly disorienting) way to kill a day!

    Glad you had a good time out & about!


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