The sweetness of success

I wrote a few weeks ago about giving up sugar. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, though that said, I can’t say it has been entirely painless.

I have found that if I eat protein for breakfast, such as an egg, then I have a much easier day of being sugar free. If I eat healthy main meals then the snacking is not so tempting.

So far, I appear to have lost 2kgs without any other change to my diet, or any increase in exercise. It is a slow process, but at least something is happening.

If I can just shed 1 kg a month for the next 12 months, I will be well within my healthy weight range.

I  actually think  I feel better, and I have more energy. I haven’t been suffering from the mid afternoon slump that I usually experience.So far, I think I have gained more positives, than things I have missed out on.

There will always be another chocolate cake to eat. I don’t have to rush.

16 thoughts on “The sweetness of success

  1. Hooray! Have some light, airy chats with as many chocolate cakes as you’d like and, on occasion, feel free to eat one. It’s only fair.


  2. So far, I think I have gained more positives, than things I have missed out on.

    That’s the ticket . . . focusing on what you are GIVING yourself (health) rather than on what you are denying yourself.


  3. Well done FD. What appears to be case with nutrition is that long term changes work. Crash diets don’t because of the phenomenon of compensatory weight gain. This is recorded particularly in the livestock industry where animals have accelerated weight gain after drought. So, to all the young heifers out there….


  4. good on you. I go on diets now and then and find it is not troo difficult to lose the first 3 or so kilos but after that it gets bit of a struggle. And you have tro be consistent, You can’ afford too many lapses. oN THE POSITIVE YOU FEEL BETTER and you look better. May the strength be with you 🙂


  5. Good for you! It took me longer than that to really get over my sugar addiction, but in the long run (I’m talking nearly a year!) it has really made a huge difference in how I feel–and now I can eat one m&m and be just as satisfied as when I was eating an entire bag! And you’re right, if you are eating properly, the cake won’t even look good anymore–I’d rather eat a pear or a bit of cheese.


    • I am finding that I can say no more often, and that I can limit when I do have sugar, so even when I indulge it is on a far better level of indulgence. I actually walked passed a whole display of chocolate today (two for the price of one) and didn’t stop.


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