off the wagon

I feel off the wagon, last night. I know, it is shameful. I am weak. weak, weak.

I ate ice-cream. Vanilla. Three scoops.

Sugar, Sugar, SUGAR! Tormentor thy name is Sugar!

I can just see where this will lead me. Flamingo Tubby Tummy Waddler, homeless, sniffing through garbage bins to lick empty sugar sachets, screaming “my kingdom for a cup of sugar!” into the cold dark night. Woe is me.

It was very nice, though…well worthy of the guilt and self loathing. I hid the rest of the  ice cream at the back of the freezer, so that no one can see it.

Except I know where it is …

11 thoughts on “off the wagon

    • How right you are. She was in town, and that royal barge could have scooted a little further up the Brisbane River and she might just have need so cold refreshment on a very warm Australian Spring day! Always been prepared!


  1. For me it’s chocolate….dark, delightful, sinful. I don’t suppose it would be adding to my calories if I gulp it down so fast that I am left with no memory of having eaten it or anyone having witnessed it? 🙂


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