low way on the high way

Mr FD had a little “disagreement” on the road a few days ago. He indicated and changed lanes only to be drowned in abuse from a motorcyclist following behind. Mr FD may have just replied in kind, adding “didn’t you see the blinker, mate?” Mr FD was most outraged.

Appears the motorcyclist didn’t see the indicator when Mr FD wanted to change lanes. He couldn’t, as the fuse had blown and the indicator was not working. We only found out today when I came out of an interview (yes interview 935) and the car battery had gone dead.

Mr FD had been waiting for me in the car park and due to the heat had run the air conditioning a little – and left the lights on. The RACQ (auto club) came to the rescue and in conversation we discovered the problem!

There in lies the lesson.  Don’t go anywhere with Mr FD, unless one desires  drama.

[The mechanical and technical details may be utterly and entirely incorrect, but it is a truthful retelling of the series of events. All blame allocated to Mr FD].



Daughters! ( Mary Quant outfits, photo John French 1963)

Day of Mourning Poster, Australia Aboriginal civil rights

Deck chairs

Depression in a depression!

Dewey Decimal System

Dick and Dora!



Dog Cemetery, Hyde Park


Domestic goddess

a little slice of heaven

by Aline of the yumi yumi shop

One of the best things about vacations, even if a staycation, is the pure joy of living in the moment. So far no long lists are chasing me; sure there are lots of things that need my attention, but right now I am allocating an hour a day to special tasks to declutter and clean the house, and the rest of the day will be what it will be. Wants and needs.

What a sense of freedom.

by Aline of the yumi yumi shop

making a list, and checking it twice!

I am going to write something radical, so if you have a weak constitution I suggest that you sit down.

I like giving Christmas presents.

I adore giving Christmas presents.

I would be more than saddened if I could not gift something to my nearest and dearest at Christmas.

In recent times it has become almost a mantra that many people utter as some chorus of superiority. I don’t think it is superior, or makes anyone finer to not give gifts. It is just a life choice, a decision made by an individual, which is their right.

We have never had extra money in the budget to be too extravagant with our gift giving, but we have always managed something. Sometimes more than one something! More times than not, however, Mr FD and I have forgone gifts to each other as the budget wouldn’t stretch that far.

Our children grew up with the pleasure of receiving gifts, but more importantly they grew up with the joy of giving. Without a doubt, we all find more happiness in giving than receiving, and that is a gift in itself.

These days, I am more mindful of wants and needs. I don’t want to give something that is just going to clutter someone’s personal space. Often it is something small that can be used and disappears, like a lovely scented soap. Or consumed, like the small gingerbread cottages we make some years.  Bibliophile that I am, I love to select books for the people I love, and especially the children. Choose a book for a child and you are helping a child become the person they will become. I work very hard to match the gift to the individual, because it brings me joy.

Christmas is what we choose to make it, be it with or without gift giving, be it ever so humble or not. Mine has gifts.