Abandon hope all ye who enter here

Yet another interview, for a position where there is an incumbent already in the role. This time she has been doing the job for the entire year, and has applied for the job, of course.

Cruel and inhumane treatment, offering people interviews for a position that it is highly unlikely that they will be given equity. I could say more, but I am too much of a lady… I mean goddess. Goddess, damn you!

16 thoughts on “Abandon hope all ye who enter here

  1. There’s always the longshot possibility that they are hoping to replace her.
    Or perhaps she’ll be abducted by aliens, and they’ll have to find someone.
    It is all such a sucky process.


  2. hopefully the incumbent will come down with a mysterious ailment πŸ™‚ one that will inconvenience her for a considerable time πŸ™‚ nothing too nasty or permanent, of course πŸ™‚


  3. Maybe she’ll turn out to be a closet gin addict or something? That happens a lot over here as well, you go for an interview only to find that you’re the ‘legal requirement to advertise and interview’ candidate and they know bloody well who they plan to hire already, it’s really irritating. Better luck next time!


    • They should inform you that there is already someone filling the role, so that you have the choice before applying, or know not to get too hopeful. If someone has already spent money training someone, they are going to favour them unless there is an issue. If there is an issue, then why waste time interviewing the incumbent? Honesty is the best policy!


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