a little slice of heaven

by Aline of the yumi yumi shop

One of the best things about vacations, even if a staycation, is the pure joy of living in the moment. So far no long lists are chasing me; sure there are lots of things that need my attention, but right now I am allocating an hour a day to special tasks to declutter and clean the house, and the rest of the day will be what it will be. Wants and needs.

What a sense of freedom.

by Aline of the yumi yumi shop

6 thoughts on “a little slice of heaven

  1. it’s good just to hang loose for a while esp if you’ve been cocnsistently busy for an extended period; all good things can happen — you will become rejuvenated, possibly start that novel you’ve always been promising yourself you will write, go for long languid beach walks, pamper yourself silly ….. the list goes on. Enjoy 🙂


  2. Every winter break that is what I do. I think this next time I need to go through most of my stuff and give it away. Going to be living on my own (for real and not just at college) after graduation and I don’t want to haul it all around! I love vacations like that! Do things you love and reorganize your life!


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