Daughters! ( Mary Quant outfits, photo John French 1963)

Day of Mourning Poster, Australia Aboriginal civil rights

Deck chairs

Depression in a depression!

Dewey Decimal System

Dick and Dora!



Dog Cemetery, Hyde Park


Domestic goddess

2 thoughts on “D DAY!

  1. “Dick and Dora” is “Dick and Jane” in the US.

    How can 1 tin of milk power both help you lose bulge and gain muscle?… and improve your skin and make you feel younger??! I need some of that stuff!!

    I look at those women in the deck chairs and feel bad for all the constrictive clothing they have on.


  2. Re milk powder – no idea, maybe milk filled you up with protein and so you didn’t eat other foods that made you fat? I don’t think they had truth in advertising rules in those days!

    The clothing – all those tiny buttons and laces. No wonder so many women took to their beds for months on end. Some days it would have been more than anyone could tolerate to get out of bed and get dressed for the day!


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