low way on the high way

Mr FD had a little “disagreement” on the road a few days ago. He indicated and changed lanes only to be drowned in abuse from a motorcyclist following behind. Mr FD may have just replied in kind, adding “didn’t you see the blinker, mate?” Mr FD was most outraged.

Appears the motorcyclist didn’t see the indicator when Mr FD wanted to change lanes. He couldn’t, as the fuse had blown and the indicator was not working. We only found out today when I came out of an interview (yes interview 935) and the car battery had gone dead.

Mr FD had been waiting for me in the car park and due to the heat had run the air conditioning a little – and left the lights on. The RACQ (auto club) came to the rescue and in conversation we discovered the problem!

There in lies the lesson.  Don’t go anywhere with Mr FD, unless one desires  drama.

[The mechanical and technical details may be utterly and entirely incorrect, but it is a truthful retelling of the series of events. All blame allocated to Mr FD].

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